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    Hi all,
    As i just posted i have returned mi car to standard to sell it, and i have some parts im willing to part with unfortionatly life got in the way. (Breaks your heart dont it :`( )
    Blitz Blow Off Valves (pair including the custom bent plumbing) $450The Blow off valves are plumbed in to replace the intake pipes to suit TT Z32 and are in excelent condition, can hold up to 1.2 + Bar boost, and i have not had any problems with them ever. They are adjustable and can be wound tight or loose to suit all aplications.
    APEXi Avc-R Boost controler Complete with hoses and everything required) $750
    (The Super AVC-R is the premium closed-loop electronic boost controller on the market. The AVC-R allows flexible control over virtually every aspect of boost control and adds new innovative functions such as injector pulse monitoring and gear specific boost control. Some key functions include: RPM-based boost and solenoid duty cycle control, scramble boost, self learning mode, 2D ghost map trace mode, analog display mode, real time replay and peak hold data modes. The AVC-R utilizes an ultra-fast microprocessor and a high quality solenoid valve to control boost. The result is ultra-fast response and accurate, stable boost control.)
      HKS Ram Pod Induction (Filter just changed less than 1000Kms) $70  
    If anyone is interested please call me on 0407 698 869 (If i dont answer please leave a message) or e-mail me at

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