body kit pictures - not sure if posted befor

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by quai, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. quai

    quai New Member

    check it out...<a href=></a>
  2. Blade83

    Blade83 New Member

    You should know better than to post that!

    Vinnie soprano might trade his Z for it!! :p
    But seriously the dood who did this has some serious issues, I like the sellers comments. "I was kinda making fun of all the Civics and stuff with the huge obnoxious body kits, but the fact is even those guys love the car! I haven't gotten a single negative comment. People either love it, or they just don't get it because they aren't into the car/import scene"HAHAH CIVIC DRIVERS WOULD LIKE IT!!! and anyone that loves it only does so to his face, time for the owner to up his dosage. ;) good find quai!! ;) :D

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