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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Wizard, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    Kerrys 3 day Snowy Mountains Cruise 30-11-2004.



  2. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    :eek: That Cocoa Bronze Vert looks suspiciously like the one i now own, seeing as it was bought from down there, and on sold up here . :D
  3. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    Yeah used to be

    Mr Zee's (Michaels) Zed, pretty sure it finished up in Qld.
  4. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    Yep bought by a chap on the southside of Brissie, he on sold it too another Southsider, now i own it over on the Northern Peninsula lol . Small world it is.
  5. OZX_320

    OZX_320 Detachable Member

    How the age group has changed from people who could afford to own a 300zx back then to now
  6. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    :p yep i'm old and gray and still can't afford it :rofl:
  7. East Coast Z

    East Coast Z Well-Known Member

    What did you do?

    Look at that image through a microscope to recognise your car! :eek:
  8. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    :rofl: nah i got my new goggles and i can seeeeeeeeeeeeeee a lot clearer nowadays.

    **** your an ugly looking bunch :p :rofl:

    But no seriously though, not many genuine cocoa bronze verts in Aus.
  9. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    Used to pay

    About 30k for a zed back then.:eek:
  10. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

    Wow Ron, you were even old back then! :p
  11. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    Hey! Enough of that age discrimination sonny!
    Sure we're old-farts, but you still have to survive long enough to get to that lofty position.:p:zlove:

    With age comes wisdom(occasionally).:rofl::br:
  12. SIM300


    I paid around $20,000 for my Z back then. It also wasn't unusual to spend a few thousand dollars on buying aftermarket parts. Now a days a lot of members don't dare spend a couple hundred.
    I remember handing over a roll of cash for a set of 19" wheels and tyres back in the day also. You can pick up a Z for that kind of money now :(
  13. Z-Force

    Z-Force SHIFT_Charizma

    Yep. The Z32 has dropped down the pecking order significantly now. Back then it was more like how the 350Z is right now. Today, the Z32 is more like a Z31 was back then...with P Platers and first car buyers now owning them. Sadly the majority I see on the road now look like they've had the crap beaten out of them...the desire to own one has dwindled. I guess that happens after 25 years... :(
  14. ProckyZ89

    ProckyZ89 Senior Member

    oh my god your alive!!!
  15. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    STEVE ...I thought that we had established that your Convertible was not Mr Zee's brown/bronze job.

    It was on the the Gold Coast around 2009 and for sale as a repossession .... a bit run down and worse for wear, post Mr Zee.

    A defining element of the car was white leather upholstery.
  16. Z-Force

    Z-Force SHIFT_Charizma

    Yes, very much so... :)
  17. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    From what i can gather Barry it was his, bought by a chap at Moorooka, then he sold it to the chap i got it off at Kingston. And the upholstery was changed from white/sandstone seats to the black leather ones.

    We did a bit of homework trying too find out who did the original import plate, so i could get another plate. And it looks like there was only ever 3 cocoa bronze Zeds in Australia.
  18. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    Okey Dokes ... sounds like it .......
  19. RedZedMikey

    RedZedMikey RZM should now be DZM

    I spied one the other day ... not cocoa bronze any more though! Paint code CK2, trim code Z on the Nissan build plate.

  20. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    About 5 years ago we had at least three in Sydney, all of which used to occasionally attend some of our cruises(although not all at the same time, LOL).:zlove:

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