TAS Best z buy in aus

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by 5K1TZX, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. 5K1TZX

    5K1TZX Its all never ending....

    Check my car sales ad! It's the only Z advertised in Tas :)


  2. ryzan

    ryzan Moderator Staff Member

    I'm guessing you didn't read the rules on posting in here? At the very least needs a price or mods will delete it. Also if you're that desperate to sell it at least copy and paste some details, post some pics, or even a link to the ad at the very least?
  3. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

    wow awesome zed. im so willing to hand 8k over with on pics nor information on it. you obviously dont want it sold in 48 hours do you :rolleyes:
  4. 5K1TZX

    5K1TZX Its all never ending....

    Well aware of the rules, been a member on aus300 for 10 years :), no Internet connect at home ATM so doing it off a crappy phone so I cannot cut and paste such details
  5. 5K1TZX

    5K1TZX Its all never ending....

    Yes mate I'm serious
  6. Brock32

    Brock32 Active Member

  7. 5K1TZX

    5K1TZX Its all never ending....

    Thank you mate!
  8. Carlos95

    Carlos95 New Member

    I wish i had 8K if only my XR6T would sell fast i would have it.... Kill me now.
  9. 3clipse

    3clipse #TEAMROB

    gorgeous car mate.
    I'm looking for a TT for when I'm off my P's, and this is perfect :zlove:

    Unfortunately, you're a few months early.
    Might have a chat to my folks in the morning and see if I can work something out with them :)
  10. rawfin

    rawfin takes it easy

    how hard would it be to get it registered in nsw?
  11. kawasakirider

    kawasakirider New Member

    Ho Leigh Shiiiit.

    Wish my car would sell. I'd fly down and grab this.
  12. 5K1TZX

    5K1TZX Its all never ending....

    Price drop!! 7,400!
  13. 5K1TZX

    5K1TZX Its all never ending....

    Stuff it! Make it 7K!!
  14. kawasakirider

    kawasakirider New Member

  15. kawasakirider

    kawasakirider New Member

  16. SIM300


    Wow you are a shocking salesman, Ben! $7,000 is just being stupid! If people wait another two days will it be $6,000? :eek:
  17. 3clipse

    3clipse #TEAMROB

    Finish work at 5.30pm tomorrow, will call you after that!
  18. kawasakirider

    kawasakirider New Member

    Sent you a couple of text messages, mate.
  19. 3clipse

    3clipse #TEAMROB

    You now have a mortal enemy [TIS]
  20. sto

    sto Member

    Is the car still available?
    Is it sold with a roadworthy certificate?
    How quickly can the legal stuff be accomplished (xfer of ownership)?
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