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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Antolicous, Feb 14, 2003.

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    The issue here is..>>

    Marek's right to be upset in the circumstances , I am not casting judgement or apportioning blame for the damage to the A/T because I am not in a position to do so.That is why I included the word "apparent" when referring to the condition.
    The A/T could have been on the edge at the time or in pristine condition who knows ? , however given a similar scenario most of us would have been pretty upset with the outcome.
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    I find some of these comments unnacceptable

    I wasn't going to get involved in this thread as it has enough in it already, but I'm not going to say nothing when accusations like that are made.
    I assume Pete didn't think it justified a reply, but the accusation that he withheld information from you for the explicit purpose of you needing to spend more money in future as a result of breakage to be both ridiculous and highly insulting. I guess all the help he's provided you with and free work he's done on your car over the years has been quickly forgotten. I would be shocked and disappointed to see such comments made about almost ANYONE on this forum, but to make them about clearly one of the most helpful and knowledgeable people here I think aids people to make their own assessment of this whole situation.You say "I became of this association, thinking we going to help each other, but I was wrong, it looks like there is something going on behind the scenes".... what are you referring to? To make those sorts of statements without elaborating does more damage than good.... either say it or don't. I read the above statement as being an accusation against many people (maybe myself included, I don't know what you are referring to) when I assume it's only directed at one. Tough luck to them I suppose?I also find the tactic to use as a defence of the Z Shop to just rag on other workshops particularly weak as an argument (like politicians digging up dirt on each other rather than actually pointing out what THEIR OWN good points are) and inappropriate. If you're going to use the argument that others don't know all the facts about a situation then you can't rely on second hand stories in your own argument.If you're saying you were forced into making good comments about Simon in the past, well, most people can make up their mind about that. Simon's big, but he is gentle :)Ben
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    of not apportioning blame to this issue, however, Marek ( who has my sympathy ) must realize that, he alone must take responsibility for any changes or alterations he undertakes on his car.We all know that ANY changes to Manufacturers Specifications will void your warranty in most cases, but we take the risk anyway. This is no different!!:| :|I'm sure Marek will reach this conclusion after he has "cooled down" and thought it through.If he has found a mechanic who says that there is a connection between the ECU upgrade and the A/T failure, he should start looking for another mechanic, quickly. :-0 :-0 BTW my only association with Simon/Stillen is the purchase of some parts. I have NO complaints so far, and don't expect any.Cheers
    =) =)
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    Hey Lloyd

    can you not always type your headings in capitals? I find it really hard sometimes to figure out just what your state of mind is on a topic since capitals is usually shouting (especially when a heated debate such as this is ongoing :) )Ben
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    i would like to add

    My dealings with Simon have been very pleasant and he has always been more than helpful to me.Jim
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    Thanks guys, sometime soon after...>>

    the next Canberra cruise.I've just purchased some new platinum plugs (longer TT type) and will install these shortly (next day or two). I will also change my fuel filter and replace the O rings under the balance pipe as I've noticed they are a bit squashed. If after this the hesitation still exists then I guess it's off with the plenum sometime early to mid March to replace the injectors. No, I will not be installing 550cc injectors.For those who can't join me in the process I'll think seriously about leaving the plenum off for a few days to give plenty of time for those interested in seeing just what is under this large slab/casting....perhaps time for pics as well.Cheers
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    My dealings with Simon

    Hey thereI have also dealt with Simon in the past and regardless if I want to buy something worth a few dollars or something worth a couple of thousand dollars I have always found he will spend much time discussing things with you.I will continue to deal with him and recomend him to anyone.To throw these accusations around about the man, and then when archived messages are brought up that seem to contradict what is being said doesnt really deserve to be taken seriously IMHO anyway.Got a problem take it to the small claims tribunal, if you dont then STFU.RegardsMark
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    I think he is in need of some attention :p (n/m)

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    You worked on his website???..>>

    Hey nice job if thats your work. Its taken a while to get completed but I really like the site design, looks very proffessional. When I look to buy things off the net, its always basically between simon and UAS, and uas site looks like it was put together by a 10th grade class in a hurry so doesnt inspire much confidence when ordering parts interstate. Pritty off track from the topic but just thought youd be interested to hear that your work is pritty good for his business IMO.
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    Well said BEN. =)
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    Maybe even a TECH article???? (n/m)

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    or launch so

    people can do it there instead:p
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    3 grand, i believe (n/m)

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    more information.....

    " there have been recent posts recommending a mechanic in melb, that a lot of us 'z' owners have had trouble with.... "Exactly how much ppl are we talking about here??
  15. tHeSmUrF

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    Yep, it's me.

    I have been doing all the coding work and simon has been doing all the images etc.It has taken longer than I had hoped but it's getting very close now.Thank you very much for your feedback.Cheers
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    Nope, definitely not in the Zed.

    I don't reckon I'd ever break a Zed diff. It was a 'Bango'. Only one I ever broke, too!
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    I'll bring my camera, someone else can write

    words =)
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    Please don't type in capitals. Just helping>

    out Ben, honest!!;) ;) Cheers
    :D :D
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    Sorry, but by this point I really do feel>

    like SHOUTING!! :D :D Cheers Ben
    =) =)
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    Der Kapitals iss Veerboten, Ya?? (n/m)


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