Z32 Aussie Shed Z32 Youtube rebuild

Discussion in 'Member's Garage' started by pmack, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. pmack

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  2. MintZ32

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  3. lemmiwinks

    lemmiwinks Member

    Ha ha, yeah been watching his channel for a while. Flipped out when he rolled the 300ZX into the shed (check out his 370Z TT build for an idea of the detail and quality to expect).
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  4. MintZ32

    MintZ32 Active Member

    Yeah I saw the 370GT build; I had one before the Z32 as well. The turbo manifold fab is a real work of art (folks :D)
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  5. The Aussie Shed

    The Aussie Shed New Member

    Thanks for the nice words Guys, much appreciated.
    Hopefully I can give her the Love & respect I feel these cars deserve.
    My Z32 has a bit of history on this forum, it was owned years ago, by a fellow with the username of "Drokk" & there have been 2 other subsequent owners before I got my hands on her.
    If you've been watching the build, you will be aware of the sorry state she was in.
    Its coming along though, I do have big plans it, just as a street car mind you, but i do like really fast street cars.
    I'm getting close to reinstalling the rear cradle & diff at the moment, once i sort out some issues with parts.
    Cheers Guys.
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  6. Harts

    Harts Active Member

    The videos are excellent mate, really enjoyable. I really appreciate the level of detail you go to, it is starting to look really good!
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    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    I agree aussie shed top quality z content. Keep up the great videos and content.

    As i stated in my youtube comments on one of your videos, if you need any help or information regarding on the z32 specifically to do with oem or factory options, dont hesitate to send me a pm and ill help you any way i can.
  8. induetime

    induetime Induetime

    Love the channel, you do great work.
  9. Jason ttz32

    Jason ttz32 Member

    Those Hands crack me up evertime.
    Great videos.
  10. The Aussie Shed

    The Aussie Shed New Member

    Cheers Guys, thanks for watching.
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  11. JT

    JT Track Addict

    I remember this car, Drokk did a few track days with myself and a few other members at QR back in 2003/2004.
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  12. induetime

    induetime Induetime

    I just stopped by to say I really like the videos. You do good work.
  13. The Aussie Shed

    The Aussie Shed New Member

    Cheers Mate, thanks for the kind words.

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