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    While most of the Victorian members where cleaning their cars and then enjoying the anual GOR I was enjoying the soggy scenery around Ararat's One Tree Hill for their annual "King of the Hill" interstate hillclimb challenge between Vic and S.A. To say it was wet on the Saturday would be an understatement. Everytime the rain started to lighten up it changed it's mind and got heavier, at least it wasn't cold. The pits were primitave (and that is being generous) but the track up the hill is bloody marvelous, in fact it is one of the best hill climbs I have done all year. One of the other good things about it was that with the championship over everyone was just out to have a bit of fun, and there were even trophies awarded for best burnout to warm the tyres on the start line, although I left that to the Commodore and Torana owners to contest.

    Sunday was a little dryer than Saturday and we even got some sunshine late in the day so I did manage to get 2 dry runs up the hill (out of 8 for the weekend), finishing 3rd in class and 16th outright. I was very happy with that considering the two people who beat me are both locals and know the road inside out. The only down side for the weekend was that S.A manged to get up and take the trophy from we will need to change that around next year. Now on to the pictures......

    This one is especially for Pete Black (he will understand).


    A wet and dreary site looking out at the pits. The Monaro belongs to a friend and has a 390 stroker in it. The mongral beat me by .4 of a second. :mad:


    The rain really makes the car shine, and with no off track excursions it stayed pretty clean all weekend long. Bloody glad I took the new folding marquee up with me to give us somewhere dry to stick everything.


    And lastly, the youTube link for the last and quickest run of the day. Hopefully it inspires a few more members to join in next year.
  2. Peter Black

    Peter Black Active Member

    Well done, shame about the weather.

    How was the track? I have heard it has some quite fast bit sfor a hillclimb.

    Nice picture too, though paint and panels is not really my thing, I didn't even wash the car for the GOR!
  3. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    ARARAT ...Golden Gateway to the Wimmera and Western District, a great place to come from and one not to be so quick to hurry back to ..... kids, we used to race our bicycles down One Tree Hill at a rate of knots ...great fun ..

    glad that the town is able, now, to contribute to the Motor Sports world ...

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