Anyone want a GTR HKS 2530 pair of turbos?

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Jonty, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Jonty

    Jonty New Member

    Have a pair of HKS 2530 BB turbos for sale real cheap.
    THey are practically brand new only a couple of thousand kays on em. ALMOST NEW condition (they look brand new) and have been checked by several turbo charging companies (as I was wanting to bolt them to my zed, which doesnt work)!
    Brand new these things cost a fortune (check out and a second hand site: The previous page is selling them at 2400 each second hand. These look alot better than the ones they are selling.
    I will sell them for 3200.00 for the pair!!! they will bolt staight on to a GTR. THEY WILL NOT BOLT TO A ZED AS SOME WILL TELL YOU (THAT WAS MY MISTAKE AND IT HAS COST ME!, and why I have to sell them).
  2. Wisc

    Wisc New Member

    cant you make a mount for them?

    good exaust place should be able to bend some metal?
  3. Egg

    Egg ....

    Why wont they fit?

    Compressor housing too big and wont work on stock manifolds?
  4. Jonty

    Jonty New Member

    correct. they don't bolt up

    unless you make custom exhaust manifolds (not cheap) they don't bolt up. alternatively you could replace the exhaust housings on the actual turbos.
  5. Egg

    Egg ....


    Just make em fit. :)
    How hard is it to chop your stock flange off and reposition it a few degrees to accomodate? Or even use a spacer on the existing flange angling the turbo wherever needed?
    I often hear 'they don't fit' when it's not too hard at all to bodge em up. LOL
    Good luck,
  6. Jonty

    Jonty New Member

    Limited space in the ZED for turbos!

    putting a spacer wont work as their is no room under there. The only way I know that it can be done is by replacing the exhaust housing with the garret version. I've spoken to several places about it, HKS australia, Mike Vine, GCG turbochargers and they all state that you need custom extractors or the garret housing in order to make em fit under the bay. VERY tight in there. I had the engine out and they were correct there's no other way you can bolt these things up. I ended up just fitting a pair of 320hp Garret BB turbos instead (even those need some reconfiguration to make em fit). (note the cost increase on hks for the 300zx varients of the HKS turbos). NOTE to some other reputable turbo charging companies said they should bolt up fine. THEY WERE WRONG! just shows who knows what, GCG and Mike Vine were the only ones that said pretty much the same thing, obvious show of experience with them.

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