QLD AMEC Race car for sale - $20,000

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Fleet, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. OZX_320

    OZX_320 Detachable Member

    if storage is an issue

    Can put it out at my place if you want. Am on acreage at Karalee (Ipswich). Cant put car under cover, sure a car cover will suffice. Is a secure area, equipped with state of the art surveillance devices- 2 x Pommeranians
  2. rollin

    rollin First 9

    I rang my towie today, his truck is off the road getting the injection pump overhauled.

    Ill try another guy i know based on teh southseide
  3. yellow300zx

    yellow300zx Pimpin Ain't Easy


    Even normal headlights lol
  4. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Love it, i just upgraded my home security with a mastif/pitt bull cross. Great for those summer nights i can sleep with my doors and windows wide open...
  5. j0no

    j0no Accepting Donations.

    god... pete mate i cant believe your selling this. isnt there some way you can keep it? mate i'd donate money to petes silver bullet fund if it helped. im dead serious.

    edit. as per reeks post about re registering a car, i've done this and he's right. i had a car run out of rego, hadn't even been registered in my name cause i was too lazy to do it.. got stickered and everything. i sold it to a mate and he got the safety, then got the plates and rego, no hassles no questions.

    if you do sell this, i really hope it goes to a good home. dont part it out!
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  6. OZX_320

    OZX_320 Detachable Member

    mine are better

    Due to size, they can fly completely under the radar, resulting in full stealth, and their head height allows for instant attack/severing of the achilles tendons, rendering any intruder completely incapacitated.
  7. yellow300zx

    yellow300zx Pimpin Ain't Easy

    God no

    I wont be parting it out, I got a yellow300zx 1991 NA thats worked a lil (extractors, apexi pod, mufflers etc) that I'll be selling, this is an upgrade for me and as I'm not mechanical I need to buy a complete car thats already got the work done to it. Just need the car to be able to drive from where fleet is to Sydney so need headlights and hopefully rear wing gone and filled or whatever and I'll take care of the rest
  8. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    it would be simpler if you had the car transported as is to you.

    in the utter kaos my life has now been thrown into, I have a lot of things that I have to take care of and no money to do it. it would be a little while before i can get to doing the few small things to the car that would need to be done so it can be driven.

    there are a lot of people here that can vouch for the car's level of kick ass factor especially those who have experienced a ride in it.

    the link has now been restored.

    PS there is not much LOL in my world right now.
  9. SWH80

    SWH80 Member

    Hi, Sorry to hear what has happened for you Peter.. Phone George's Towing 0413 875 179 He lives at Carina and works for himself great rates. It is a little while since I used his service but he is great..

  10. rollin

    rollin First 9

    Im happy to chip in to pay for getting the car towed. My tow guys truck is still out of action

    Anyone else prepared to throw a few dollars in?
  11. MAX

    MAX Ex Zedder

    so is the car sold?

    I'm asking a guy at work if he knows anyone interested. He does amature drag racing.
  12. yellow300zx

    yellow300zx Pimpin Ain't Easy


    But thought it was built for circuit not drags
  13. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

    still a very fast drag car...not much would need to be changed to make it a beginners drag car
  14. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    yes it is better suited to circuit but put a set of mickey thompsons on it and you have a drag car.

    I have updated the link with interior pics at the bottom:

  15. j0no

    j0no Accepting Donations.

    i'll be in on that.

    Damn whoever buys this car is one lucky son-of-a-BI**ch.

    Edit: pete have you advertised this car on carsales or ebay? If you want to i'll help out, pay any fees required etc.
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  16. z turbo

    z turbo New Member

    Happy to Help.

    Im happy to chipin, How much are they quoting, I think we should keep the location a bit Quite. Pm pete to find out were it is going for Cost Reasons.
    I also know of someone i use who has a car trailer who is cheap.

  17. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    if any of the guys here (that I have met) have a convenient space to store the car please let me know. otherwise its going in the back yard at mums place and i feel kinda bad about that.
  18. j0no

    j0no Accepting Donations.

    there is a spare spot at my apartment, its undercover and out of view, not locked though. its only at kangaroo point if your interested i can ask my neighbour
  19. SLY PSI

    SLY PSI New Member

    There's no reason why it can't run 10's with the right rear suspension and tyres. And the right driver of course. This car is savage.

    As for roadworthy you just need to be a crafty/sneaky prick to get it all good but it can be done. Normal sized wheels and tyres, get a working demister in it, plumb back or remove blow off valves and probably try to hide the fact it has aftermarket engine management in it which is a big RWC no-no. It'll need mod plates for brakes etc.

    What did it get defected for?

    Also any car with a rear wheel steering setup (HICAS) fails roadworthy if it was factory fitted but has been removed.
  20. MAX

    MAX Ex Zedder

    I never said he would use it for drags, just thought I'd ask because he is in the racing industry, track or strip.

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