QLD AMEC drift car Pics from Parklands Drifting

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by Fleet, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    congrats to Beau who finished 3rd in the level 2 comp, GO BEAU :D

  2. ZEDZY

    ZEDZY Active Member

    Looks like fun. And a good result.
  3. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

    awesome result pete....nice stuff
  4. 300zxt

    300zxt Well-Known Member

    That Skyline is ghetto fabulous, I love it! lol
  5. Brissie Beauty

    Brissie Beauty Silver and Gold

    Good result Pete! Those wheels look awesome on that Skyline!

    Do you have a car out at Archerfield drift nights too? There is one coming up in a couple of weeks... should get a car out there. My mate is gonna be drifting his 2j silvia there.

    The top 2 cars there last month were 2x 350z's! :eek: God they drift nice! Next project car? :p
  6. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    yep Beau does Archie drift :) I will see if he is doing the one coming up and put it in coming events.

    I am very happy with how hot the car looks now and Beau's driving.
  7. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    Beau finished 2nd in the Level 2 comp at Indy Drift last Friday night, GO BEAU! :D
  8. Brissie Beauty

    Brissie Beauty Silver and Gold

    He did really well! Looked awesome out there... Didnt take any pics though sorry Pete!
    He also copped a Cefiro to his bum! LMAO! Carter just didnt stop in time! LOL! Just a rolling tap really :p
  9. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    I couldnt make it still at work Friday night.

    ahhh!! any damage to the new paint job??? :(
  10. Brissie Beauty

    Brissie Beauty Silver and Gold

    Just a little bit on the rear passenger side. Beau said it was damaged already there though... :confused:

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