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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Evil Errection, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    Well guys, as most of the boys from the tech day know I recently installed my FMIC (thankyou Simmo).

    Now problem is Rob and I hacked so much of the front bar away to make it fit that it looks down right BAD! Haha! Anyway my question(s) ? What is a suitable replacement front bar instead of stock for my new FMIC? Things im taking into consideration are ? What will fit properly? (as in I don?t want something that wont line up correctly with the body). Will it fit with the front mount without trimming? I don?t mind going fibreglass or urethane either way it?s better than what I have.

    So could anyone please recommend/suggest/share experience?s with front bars that they have had? I had in mind the UAS fibreglass front bar with speed holes but I would like to know more about different companies as well?

    All The Best

    OH! and I DONT want a VEILSIDE C2 front bar haha! yuck!

    ZYTRAM Formerly known as martini_Z

    What about the Veilside C1? ;)
  3. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    It would take time for me to like it properly :p
  4. sandeep

    sandeep Active Member

    I'm a big fan of the 2000spec bumpers but I'm after the "could have come from the factory" look. Seems most people are doing the 2000specs now though.
    I think ali has a 2000spec with a FMIC so he might be able to tell you about fitting issues. The TTZ 2000spec bar is urethane so its a bit more flexible than fibreglass.
  5. XZX007

    XZX007 New Member

    I like the Bomex bar or the do-luck one is growing on me...

  6. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    Yeah the Bomex front bar isn't bad, i dont mind it. Though im not all that familiar with the do-luck bar so yeah :rolleyes do you think they would fit the front mount?
  7. XZX007

    XZX007 New Member

    Yeah they do fit but require a fair amount of cutting.
    I have the do-luck bar
  8. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    Oh yeah, its gotta a kind of veilside C1 feel to it :p but it looks better lol did you need to trim yours at all?
  9. XZX007

    XZX007 New Member

    Yeah i had to cut about 2 inches out of the back of it....Pretty easy with a angle grinder though!
    I wouldn't mind making a few changes to mine, enlarge the center for better flow to the intercooler and trim a little off the side lips.

  10. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    Yeah seems easy enough, I need to be able to fit the reo bar as well so i need to do some trimming with that as well hmmm... decisions:)
  11. XZX007

    XZX007 New Member

    Na you dont need the reo bar with a lot of after market bars.
  12. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    What about the foggies? I guess i'll have to mount them Some othr way if thats the case?
  13. XZX007

    XZX007 New Member

    yeah they have the mounts inbuilt on the bar:D
  14. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    Oh sweet! is that all bars or some bars? that have it
  15. XZX007

    XZX007 New Member

    Na only some....looking at sabrewolf's west wing and loudnproud's bomex they dont have it :confused:
  16. Z-Force

    Z-Force SHIFT_Charizma

    That's a Wings West... :)

    Sorry, that's a Wings West front... I have one, so I know... :p

    Best for a FMIC is the GReddy/Trust/UAS?Border front. The one Mikey has on his Zed.

    2000 spec is awesome style wise but I'm not sure you can fit a large FMIC behind it without cutting something...

    Bomex is fine. There are more than 1 style as well.

    Stillen is fine but hard to get and extremely expensive. Urethane, like Wings West and 2000 spec.

    Veilside C1 and C2 will be fine also...

    Kaminari, ABFlug and Jun I'm not too sure about...

    There is also the Tommy Kiara front...it's similar to the stock one...but better looking... :)

    There are a few hybrid 'no name' ones floating around as well...

  17. minivan

    minivan Guinea Pig Test Monkey

    that orange one is not a bomex.. i have both bomex types sitting infront of my zed at the moment.

    as far as fog light mounts.. no bar actually comes with these but they are a 2 second job to put on with a bit of fibreglass for anyone with a bit of skill.. otherwise any fibreglasser can do it for you

  18. XZX007

    XZX007 New Member

    You going to sell one of the bar's?? My bar was manufactured with the fog light mounts:D

  19. minivan

    minivan Guinea Pig Test Monkey

    the type one bar (like zweet and dub have) is a bot worse for wear.. scotty hit a kerb with it at 80 ks n hour.. ive fixed it and big mouthed it but theres too many hair line cracks in it which will come back through the paint after a month or 2 if you paint over them.. was originally gunna take a mould.. but i cant be bothered hence the type 2 (like mikeH's car) and its not so common


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