89 300zx TT Manual Black on black leather - 4 seater $13500

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  1. Kpie

    Kpie New Member

    For Sale

    1989 300zx twin turbo fairlady
    black on black leather
    mildly modded

    G?day All

    Due to a new house, new baby ( can?t complain to much) and lack of time to drive (pamper) I am having to sell my Z32.

    I have owned if for about a year and spent a few buck on it in that time adding a few touches.
    ? 90,000 genuine Kms on clock
    ? Full 100k Service carried out 10k ago
    ? 6-month service completed 1000kms ago
    ? climate control - A/C
    ? Hicas (4 wheel steering)
    ? Targa roof
    ? Electric driver seat
    ? Leather seats

    Mild modifications include

    ? 17 inch gun metal gray ROH rims with good yokahama rubber (traveled 12k highway KMz)
    ? Alloy under drive pulley with all new belts
    ? Pod filter
    ? Remote start 2 way color paging alarm system 3 point immobilizer. (page guard)
    ? 100-watt xenon headlights
    ? Zeal (by Endless) Coil over suspension ($4k if imported new) height, damper, recoils adjustable, rears just rebuilt
    ? Short throw shifter Greddy Knob
    ? Sony Xplod head unit with Alpine splits in front
    ? Boost, temp and oil pressure gauges installed in second dash din slot (not currently connected)
    ? Leather interior (front seats recovered / secondhand rear seat off Lindsay)
    ? Mines replacement plug in ecu computer included with sale but not installed.
    ? Full de-rubbered rear end suspension, alloyed replacement kit installed
    ? Locking rear diff (advised could be Nismo by )
    ? Twin 4 in stainless carbon cannons on rear
    ? Unknown sump, increased oil and cooling capacity.

    Extras included in sale

    ? Original front and rear suspension (currently Zeal installed)
    ? Extra rear taillight tinted DARK BLACK
    ? Rear cloth seat and front cloth covers.
    ? Mines Plug in ECU from Manual TT

    Not so good points
    ? Holes in rear in the interior wheel humps for adjusting Zeal suspension could do with tiding up.
    ? Small crazing of paint on real left bumper hardly noticeable
    ? Small wear area in carpet in drivers foot well
    ? Slight kurbing to some of the rims

    Mechanically this car is A1, with not knocks rattles water / oil leaks or turbo problems.
    Steering is tight, acceleration is smooth
    Paint and body are in good condition for age no major dents or dings or paint fading.

    All work completed in my time carried out by Lyndsay from the Z shop in Melbourne, Glen Iris who seems pretty happy withthe car.
    First registered owner in OZ, compliance only 8 months ago
    Imported 2 years ago by previous owner/importer but never registered was the last of his imports and was going to be his personal car.

    Please call or email if you would like any further details or photos.

    Genuine sale, I managed to talk the wife into letting me buy it when we only had one baby but the announcement of our second was the last nail in the coffin.

    74 genuine miles on the clock when purchased, Seat carpet and general wear confirm(photos available of old cloth seat) Only another 15 k on clock all highway KMs as I have been using it to drive to work 200 km return trip (Kyneton to Melbourne).

    Car can be view in Kyneton in evenings, weekend or in Melbourne during the day
    Plates not included in sale

    Mobile 0401 826 509
    Home 03 54226849
    Work 03 8866 4388

  2. SedatZX

    SedatZX Tyranus

    Looks pretty nice, GL with the sale mate :zlove:
  3. SedatZX

    SedatZX Tyranus

    Has your car ever had problems in the past?
  4. Kpie

    Kpie New Member

    Hi SedatZX, no problems in my ownership.

    Lindsay form the z shop picked up small turbo hose leak on 100 km service (fix during service) also a loose rear steering rod arm (replace / repaired during last service).

    Also last 10k service was idling at about 900 -1100 revs. Again this was fixed with an air idler adjustment valve? (something like that).
    It was my big worry when buying a zed, that something would go wrong, but the car has been great and the forum has provided countless hours of reading and advice on mitigating some of the issues.

  5. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    a letter from the owner

    Gday Si, good to see you so heavily involved in forum and also so concerned about my car/diff.

    I have been asking about it myself in regards to the legality and googling (rwc locked diff) on the internet. Both have provided quite interesting results, including quite a few number of cars with RWC and locked diffs (try it yourself) this would mean that all these are dodgy RWC ( as you are accusing me of?) or that in some form ( i.e increase/enhanced limited slip) are not completely legal. It would also be intresting to find out how this would be checked for a roadworthy, as they do not test drive then and they woud not pull down component ( engine, diff or otherwise) to check ratios / compression...

    I am not sure what your concern is, as I am advertising that fact the rear end is not stock I am going through the correct channels to get a road worthy.
    Is it that you want me to challenge the law / road worthy supplier and/or have and engineer carry tests out on the diff to destruction to prove a point to you?

    My ZX mechanic said it was ok if it did not impair the normal driving of the car, My father (as also mentioned to yourself) has a blown 454 Chevy El Camino that has only just been imported into the country with full compliance (more investigation than just a roadworthy) His car has an aburn posi locker similar caraturistic to my ZX, as it not a full time Locked diff but an upgraded LSD.

    As I mentioned I have not pulled the diff apart myself or had it installed and so the statement "I have been advised" is also to be taken as that. The diff does have the characteristics of an increase transfer of power to both wheels when driven hard or tight concentric circles. It could be as minivan mentioned
    ?nismo would be more likely to just make mechanical 2-way LSDs rather than diff locker? now would this be legal?

    When you get your very own ZX you will realise that this is a sports car and as such, it displays some very unique properties that are not common on your every day items. Further more this is enhanced when you are dealing with imports from the JDM or anywhere else in the world.

    I can say that I have been driving the car for a year now and enjoyed every minute of it, I do not believe that it is a completely locked diff but version between the standard Limited Slip Diff and a locked diff and I will be selling it as such and with a roadworthy.

    Please feel free to investigate further, as I would love to have more information to impart on to the new owner.

    I also recall you say that the ute you have just built has only 50mm ground clearance, is this also not and infringement of the law, did you get a rwc at this level or was is raised to pass and then lowered back to this illegal level

    Again thanks for your concern and good luck in finding the right car for you.

  6. Kpie

    Kpie New Member

    a quote to put my PM reply (letter) above in context

    PM by hot300zx

    ask him how he intends to get a roadworthy for it when it has an illegal for street use diff locker,

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