50th Anniversary Heritage Edition 370Z for 2018

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by ugame, Nov 2, 2017.

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    I bought and boosted mine for about the cost of a new one. You could pick up a low mileage manual and have a TT kit installed for basically the same price now too... you essentially end up with a manual r35 without the AWD and nannying overrides.

    Worth looking at you’re still trying to scratch your car itch. Wouldn’t be hard to sell if you get bored either, with the paperwork done properly that is. Saw a supercharged roadster go for 10k over the sticker price of a new one a year or 2 ago.
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    Yeah I think the point is its a special edition 370z

    Its always good to be aware of special editions and how many they produce so that you can hopefully buy one cheap and unmolested in the future.

    Some special editions become as worthless as their regular counterparts, but not always.
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    I’m just kinda disappointed with what they threw in. Upgraded clutch, big bit of paint down the side plus the nismo style headlights. You’d think they could at least give you some of the nismo running gear...
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    Why did you not go with the Stillen supercharger ?

    What is the comparison between TT and SC on a 370Z, which do you have ?
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    Yep fair point hey. Hence why some special editions are not worth more over time.

    Time will tell, and it'll be partly due to numbers, and if this forms the end of the current model.

    There's an Alfa GT I missed out on recently because I paused when I heard it had been stolen and recovered.

    Was $10K and what had me tempted was that it was the LAST of the Alfa GT's and usually fetch over $20K for the special edition last year runout.


    Only 100 (Australia, 130 globally) were made for the "100th Anniversary Edition".


    The car was very low K's and looked mint. But due to it's stolen and recovered past, was listed as such and had no books, service history, and only 1 key.

    Should have jumped on it regardless.

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