375rwkw 2+5 5spd

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by CUSTOMTT, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. Adamness

    Adamness Active Member

    +1..thats horrible. I would feel bad only paying 11.5k..

  2. zxy-beast

    zxy-beast Member

    I would feel bad offering a Commondore!! eww.
  3. Roadeater

    Roadeater Warrior of the Wasteland

    At risk of being hounded down for this I simply must ask a question which had me awake for a lot of the night.

    A built motor like this + turbos must cost around the $8-10k mark minimum, so why is this ride going so cheap?

    It just doesn't make sense to me, why do I doubt such a bargain? Who in their right mind would do such a thing? Is my paranoia showing?
  4. Adamness

    Adamness Active Member

    Unfortunately, spending 10k on a car doesn't make its value 10k higher. You only get what someone is willing to pay and that usually is dictated by how much moolah your "audience" has. The 300zx "audience" apart from a few people is a poor lot!

    Unless you're lucky and the right buyer comes along, knows the value of the work and hasn't already "invested" in their own car then you're not going to get anything close to what you spent. You will just get people low balling etc.

    This car IS worth the asking price and is a bargain at that, as stated previously. If you can prepare yourself for the worst case scenario which is in a couple years pulling the engine and rebuilding then you're set. (I would suspect worst case scenario is get another TT block for like $100, get it bored and honed to correct specs and then stick on all your bits as the issue seems to be the clearance between the piston and cylinder wall) This would still be cheaper than if you had to buy all those bolt on bits yourself.

    Keeping in mind the engine IS STILL WEARING IN. Parts need the chance to bed properly etc before final judgement can be made. So you may have 20+ years of trouble free motoring ahead of you.





    Well, this is the reason for my pricing:

    Yes it has had over 10k spent on the engine & go fast bits & only the best parts as far as my budget could go, so in an ideal world I should be selling it for around the high teens, maybe even low twenties.

    However this just isn't going to happen - Shifters old car has been on carsales for about 2 years now & I was thinking of buying it before I bought my one & was new to the Z32 game.
    Shifters old car has been on sale for $15,000 for the last 3-4 months & he's recently jacked it back up to 18k don't ask me why.
    His car is very similar to mine & made about 400rwkw at one stage IIRC.

    Then have alook at all the other Z32's for sale, both on our forum & online on various carsale sites - the average price is around the 8-9k mark for a decent TT.
    There was a thread awhile ago on here where people were asking about the last Z32 that sold for 15k & I don't think anyone could remember any in the last 2 years or so.

    This combined with the fact that the engine is having some intermittent smoking issues upon startup & using some oil with it is the reason for my pricing -as stated, alot of people believe this to be due to the fact that my engine was built with larger than usual piston to bore clearance (don't ask me why, I didn't ask for a race engine or wasn't consulted about it prior to or during the rebuild, but that's how it was built) & is still running in -if there were any serious issues with the engine it would not have made 375rwkw!

    I just want a quick sale with no headaches for $11,500 no more, no less.
    Worst case scenario, it doesn't sell & I store it at my mums house in her empty, clean garage.

    I've been driving it all weekend & have driven it to work today.
    Upon startup yesterday morning it started blowing some white smoke about 45 seconds after cranking it over - smoke lasted about 2min, then stopped.
    This morning - no smoke at all.
    The engine is actually getting better as I drive it & "opening up" it is pulling harder than it was a few weeks ago when I first got it tuned.

    I've got a few serious potential buyers who are interested both on & off the forum.

    I've got absolutely no probs if any genuine buyers want to see the car in person, get it inspected & go for a drive - however, you smash it, you buy it & beleive me, as Moulazx can testify, even only on the low boost setting, the arse gets quiet twitchy.

    Hope that soothes any paranoia among potential buyers.

    Like I said - I've got nothing ot hide in regards to the car & just trying to be honest, any other questions, just ask.

    Cheers Sav
  6. SedatZX

    SedatZX Tyranus

    I know its been said before.. IF ONLY IT WAS A 2 SEEATERR!!!! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! LOL.. Good luck with the sale brahs. You seem like a genuine and honest person and i truely believe that there is nothing wrong with your engine.
  7. Roadeater

    Roadeater Warrior of the Wasteland

    I'll 2nd the above, the bit about genuine and honest.

    Actually I'll second the whole of that message, thanks for writing it for me SedatZX! I keep coming back to view this machine, asking questions because I am sooooo tempted. If only it were a 2 seater, it'd be "GET IN THE RING MUV-****ERS! I SAW IT FIRST!"

    I'm gonna lose more sleep over this tonight, I just know it.
  8. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    white smoke cold start up = wrong heat rang spark plugs. it good to have a look ..

    piston to bore size should not make it smoke unless there is something wrong with one of the bores or installation of rings , remember the gap in the rings MUST be 180 degrees offset from each other .

    i would imagine you are running 4 tho clearance piston to bore , this will be fine it will not make it smoke .....

  9. mholt

    mholt Member


    It could be a simple as a slight overfill on the oil, for the smoke mine did it then it went away once it lost a wee bit, and just what you siad sounds like that is happening check that dip stick

  10. zxy-beast

    zxy-beast Member

    hmm does make you wonder whether you're doing the right thing buying an engine package from US for more than this car.... hrmmm Good price and awesome package as far as I'm concerned. Very close to what I'm aiming for when I'm done with mine.

    Good luck with the sale.. sure would be a $ saver!!
  11. SIR300

    SIR300 Member

    really nice car mate, wish id have bought yours instead of mine. lol
  12. mafi-zed

    mafi-zed the resident hoon

    sav you have engine videos you can post up that may help your sale go through..
  13. MoulaZX

    MoulaZX #TEAMROB

    I think the insane price coupled with the incredible modifications list and detailed description about everything one might want to know about it will contribute much more then some videos... :rolleyes:

    Hoping against hope he holds onto it though. :eek:

    Don't do it Sav! :(



    Not a bad idea I guess, I could put videos of the start up & driving / revving etc.

    Interested in being cameraman AND part time driver for the vid(s) again Moula?
    Maybe next wkend?

    Let me know
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2011
  15. pennyarvs

    pennyarvs New Member

    I can be the camera guy whilst you're both busy behind the wheel. Come over at my place for some chicken...



    Sounds like a plan Arvs, thanks mate.
    I hope its the same chicken that was at the techday last week - I've been craving it BADLY since
  17. pennyarvs

    pennyarvs New Member

    Of course... :p
  18. MoulaZX

    MoulaZX #TEAMROB

    Even silly questions deserve answers sometimes...

    YES! [TIS]

    I finish Sunday morning then off for 4 days. Can we do it Sunday?

  19. murci

    murci Member

    Why is this for sale still.... Do people not know an absolute deal when they see one?


    No prob

    we gotta co-ordinate with Arvs.
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