324mm rotor setup. where do your brake pads sit?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by attila.Z, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. attila.Z

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    just trying to get my head around something here.

    My current setup:
    324mm rotors
    Skyline R33 calipers with custom dogbones that sit the brake pad perfectly on the edge of the rotor. No overhang, not too close rendering bigger rotors useless.

    Long story short my braking has a deadly deathwobble because I damaged something. I believe the dogbones.

    I also have sitting in my room some brand new CZP dogbones for the Z32 :) the 350z rotor advertised ones, I believe theyre 324mm as well right?

    So pretty much if I just get some stock TT calipers, ill have a normal 324mm setup. But just wondering with the normal 324mm setup where does your brake pad sit on the rotor? is it right on the edge? Is there a bit hanging off the rotor causing uneven wear? Or is it inset slightly from the rotor towards the middle? Its simple to tell, just look at your rotor see where the circle of shiny worn metal is on the rotor.

    Just because if its not perfectly flush (ive been told thats why the R33 setup was used), then ill put in the extra money to fix my R33 caliper setup, and end up with better braking.
  2. beaver

    beaver southern zeds

    the pad

    over hangs about 3-4mm (Unless you trim them) using stock calipers, 324 rotors from a 350z and coz dog bones.
  3. ivan129

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    324mm rotors and dog bones

    I made my own offset brackets (have a mill and made from billet aluminium) to fit TT calipers onto 324mm rotors. The pads do sit above the rotors by about 3mm but hasn't affected wear at all. Braking performance is much better. Strangely though when I first fitted them and went for a rip round the block I also had vibrations under braking but it only lasted about half dozen stops and then went away. If your vibration is severe I'd be jacken her up and taken a look before jumping to conclusions. Regards Ivan

  4. dinh300zx

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    CZP dogbone , stock TT caliper , 324MM rotor , TOYOTA Landcruiser 80 series pads , almost no overhang at all . Stopping performance is much better than stock set up .

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