VIC 300ZX Twin Turbo (+ Silvia) sale package!

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by YakuzaMoon, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Still for sale people :D Any offers??

  2. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Guy from Pakenham that emailed me today - my account has been hacked -.-

    New email for people who wanna email me regarding the Z :)

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  3. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Update on price : $3,000 without RWC - Rego still good till' August. Any takers? Offers?

  4. salvx1992

    salvx1992 Member

    hows the engine in this thing, any problems or noises?
    if its still for sale in 1 months ill come take a look and might take it off your hands
  5. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Hey salvx1992 - I've been told by Lindsay at Z Shop that the engine is healthy.
    Only problems I recognise is the tail shaft / diff needs fixing thats for sure - wheel
    allignment and balancing and um... that's pretty much it. There is a slight ticking
    sound on idle only, happened to my NA Z changed oil and got rid of it so probably
    due for a service.

    One month is all good lol I have a March time limit to sell this Z it's an urgent sale
    really need it gone asap need the $ lol PM if you're interested any further buddy,
    Endeavour Hills is close can probably swing by sometime.

  6. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Still on sale for $3,000

    It's painful seeing the Z with a pricetag, needs to go real soon get it over quick lol

  7. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    .... Can Mods please close this thread??

    Just got home now after some chick slammed her car into the front of my Z...
    Car is a mess... Whole front is bent in and looks like the engine has been
    pushed back abit - car is gone to insurance mechs, far out...

    Green light on my end, chick was meant to give way but she turned into me
    at the last minute -.- crunch, cops said it was her fault and she admitted to
    the fault so that's alright, freakin' shattered losing the Z in this method..
    wanted her to go to someone who would take care of her..

    More depression :( so yeah, Mods please close the thread, thanks for all
    the replies and interests! :)

  8. ryzan

    ryzan Black Mesa? Fat chance...

    Wow, sorry to hear. At least you had already made the hard decision to part ways with her though. And hopefully you will get more than your asking price back from her insurance, so this may work out better for you in the end.
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