VIC 300ZX Twin Turbo (+ Silvia) sale package!

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by YakuzaMoon, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Hey Fellow Zedders..

    Regretful sales to make - very tough decision to let go of the Z.. letting it go
    due to personal reasons, I love this car to death so this is a saddening
    chapter for me :(

    I'm the first Australian owner for this car and have been a proud Z owner for
    almost 6 years, just recently got the twin turbo conversion done to it and
    loving it but then life hit me in the face! Had to get rid of my baby, I hope to
    sell it to someone who has respect for these beasts! On to the details, I'll
    note them in pros and cons. I'm an honest guy and hope to make an honest
    sale and let the buyer here know what they're getting :) so any questions
    email or PM me anytime. Details below :

    Car : Nissan 300ZX Fairlady Z32
    Type : T-Tops (targa)
    Year : 1989
    Transmission : AUTO
    Engine : VG30DETT Twin Turbo V6
    Color : Silver
    Interior color : Black / Grey original
    REGO end date : August 2012

    PROS -

    - Twin Turbo engine conversion
    - New front tyres (late 2011) new rear tyres (mid-2011)
    - Was a single exit exhaust, now twin exhaust
    - Brakes got machined late 2011
    - JSpec 2000 style tail lights (DIY done by member from forum in 2010)
    - Blitz Turbo Timer (voice guided - in Japanese)
    - 200,000KM timing belt / water pump serviced during engine conversion at
    101XXX KMs on the twin turbo engine in 2011. Now has 145XXX KMs. Used
    CazRacings service kit with high performance racing belt.
    - Nismo seatbelt covers
    - "Z" logo floormats suited for 2+2
    - Been looked after by Z Shop
    - Can provide history of the car from Z shop mechanics (conversations, pics,
    whats been done, etc.)
    - Chrome wiper blades front and rear
    - Regulary serviced by Z Shop
    - Clean interior, neat
    - All electrics still work by the looks of it
    - Good for a project car - maybe a restoration project, like what I wanted to
    - New battery late 2011
    - New updated side mounted intercoolers
    - TT front bumper
    - New radiator
    - CD Player / MP3 player SONY
    - Still has original BOSE speakers and original radio from Japan
    - Still has the original FLARE on the passenger side! Good for new years 2012
    - Updated oil cooling system to suit Australian climate
    - T-Top original shades still there
    - Other than the engine swap and blitz turbo timer, the car is pretty stock :)

    CONS -

    - Needs wheel balancing and allignment (will get that done soon)
    - It's using non-turbo differentials - which I like, but its wearing out.. needs
    replacement or upgraded to twin turbo diffs, up to the next owner depends
    on their taste better launch or better top end.
    - Aircon and heater busted :(
    - I put eBay canons on them long ago haha what was I thinking... yeah, I
    haven't upgraded the exhaust since lol
    - Has a small dent on left hand side rear, was there when I got the Z
    - Has a small amount of rust forming on top of the car and on right side T
    - T Top left side missing material (see pics)
    - Could use a re-paint, color fading on bonnet

    Have pics below - will take more recent pics, these are pics taken after the
    Z got convertted to TT so its still got mechanics dirtyness on it.. :( should've
    cleaned it first lol least you get an idea what you're buying.


    I will take more recent photos and upload them soon! :) These are old pics
    from last year.

    The thing is - I plan to have this Z ready to be taken by the end of this
    month I just need to get my stuff together, papers, and have it looked over
    by Z Shop before going over to a new buyer - get allignments done etc.
    make sure everything is good before letting it go. So there is still some time
    for those interested to think about it and all. So keep in mind, the Z will
    be ready to go most likely by the end of this month :D

    Now the other thing is - I am selling a Nissan Silvia 1989 Q Series.
    I will add details on that soon, but if the buyer wants I can include this in
    the package. What I know is that it needs a new master brake cylinder
    and exhaust has a small hole in it so its pretty loud lol its a stock black
    Silvia, will post more about it next post.


    1989 Nissan 300ZX Z32 Twin Turbo +
    1989 Nissan Q series (non turbo) Silvia =

    This is a fixed price.. the Silvia has no rego, the Z has till' August 2012.
    Both cars should be ready to go by the end of this month.

    If you just want the Z = $8,000
    If you just want the Silvia = $1,500

    More details on the Silvia coming.
    Any questions? Just email or PM me!
  2. mafi-zed

    mafi-zed the resident hoon

    your dreaming if you think you'll get 8k for that

    its got RUST IN IT
  3. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    While Trav may not have expressed it in the most eloquent manner, he has a point. A good Z32 struggles to get 8k these days. Mismatching paint, a dent in the body and rust really put the price down on this. It needs some love, or a price drop IMHO.
  4. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Oh, I didn't think they were going so cheap nowadays, thanks for the heads up.

    So how much you guys think is a fair price? I told you I'm an honest guy I want
    to sell it at a fair price for both sides - give me a fair estimate and I'll give it a
    price drop :) Not really sure what it's worth in its condition to be honest so help
    a guy out.

  5. Jamie

    Jamie Jamie The Hobbit

    I'd think somewhere around 5-6K would be appropriate... That's just my view though, those guys know better then I.
  6. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Thanks for the input Jamie :) appreciate it!

    I'll get a few more estimates from other members here and then set a proper
    price for you guys, make it fair for everybody - dont wanna rip anyone off as well.

  7. ryzan

    ryzan Black Mesa? Fat chance...

    No offense, not trying to wreck your sale thread or anything but even 5-6k seems a bit hopeful to me, for something that needs body repairs and a full respray along with some mechanical work too. This is what you're competing with around the 5-6k mark:

    Link 1
    Link 2
    Link 3

    It's not what you want to hear I know, but if you're looking to offload it within a month I'd say 3-4k, maybe even less. I probably wouldn't even pay that for it myself.

    There was a guy on here a little while ago trying to flog his running 2+0 auto tt with a fresh motor, had it up for sale for ages at 4k then went down to 3k, probably sold for even less than that.
  8. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Wow, thats a huge difference. Thanks for that ryzan, gives me a good idea what to
    set the price too at least. Will consider a price this weekend - thanks for all the input
    here, will look into a more realistic price and get some info + photos of the Silvia for
    those who PM'd about it :)

    So at the moment - price is undecided till' next update most likely on Sunday night.

  9. mafi-zed

    mafi-zed the resident hoon

    yeah suppose i could have been a bit nicer about it but as others have put it, look what else is on the market for 8k and has been for sale for ages.

    if you want it gone in a month someone will surely buy it for 3-4k
  10. Jamie

    Jamie Jamie The Hobbit

    Wow, I well and truly paid way too much for my NA... Crazy how prices have changed since april or so last year... Kinda sad too :(
  11. Bullus

    Bullus New Member

    amazing the difference a few years makes to "redbook" price also, bought my 89 manual TT for $4400, and the most just cars will insure it for is $5000, bought my 94 auto TT for $4000 couple months later and just cars has it insured for $12,500. (both bought in last 6 months or so)
  12. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Yeah the prices of the Z's are crazy low now.. that sucks lol

    Well, I got a few inputs from other members here, I'm setting the price for the
    Z alone officially for $4,000.

    Will upload some photos and details of the Silvia and recent photos of the Z
    inside / out by tomorrow night hopefully so check back those interested.

  13. tatty000

    tatty000 New Member

    What engine is in the Silvia? And what price would you want for it?
  14. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    can you please email some pics and info about the silvia to saunders87 @ bigpond . com
  15. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Weather has been sucky to go out and take recent photos of the beast, sorry guys,
    will come real soon! Update is that the Silvia is gone so it's just the Z left.

    Price drop to $3,500 for this Z as it is.

    Email ( or PM for any more details guys, really need this
    gone by mid-Feburary! Any offers?

  16. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    god damn thats anyone out there wanting a project tt, this is your car by the looks of it........

    if it was in WA, id buy it just for the sum of its parts
  17. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Haha yeah man why cant you live here?! Come down for a day or two its snowing
    here in Summer lol and yeah it is cheap.. I seriously need it gone by mid-Feb one
    way or another, $3,500 is the lowest I can go I need that much by a certain time
    frame for my other ride (wrx.. non-turbo haha yeah settle down and all that jazz)

    Help a guy out give this poor Z some love, I feel really bad selling it for this cheap
    but its just how it is.. sometimes I have doubts to sell it or not cos of the price,
    need it gone before I get sucked back into it and probably change my mind lol

    When the weather is not crumby will go out and take some snaps

  18. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Have 1 interest so far.

    Still up for sale for $3,500, would make a good project car, need it gone before March
    so any offers would be considered :)

  19. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    where be the details on the silvia?

    if that silvia drives fine and can be rego'd i may be interested in buying both
  20. YakuzaMoon

    YakuzaMoon Yakuza Moon

    Hey mikez32, the Silvia is gone :( sorry man, only the Z remains!

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