300ZX TT Vs. XR6 Turbo

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by rhy_boy1, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. nemz

    nemz nemz cam: active

    actually there are more then you think, but they are not advertised
  2. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    not sounds good to me
  3. JETzx


    And your telling me this because the r32 and z32 are both nissans?
  4. VIXEN-T

    VIXEN-T New Member

    Nizpro cooler
    Nizpro plenum
    Turbo back Xforce exhaust
    660cc injectors
    fuel pump
    valve springs
    ported wastegate
    12psi actuator
    Capa flash tuned
    strengthened auto with 2800rpm stall convertor
  5. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    you know what i love about danny's car the most (tuner), its that it is fulllllly streetable. he drives it everywhere and anywhere. something which you cant do in a zed that would be running 10's :eek:
  6. nemz

    nemz nemz cam: active

    so does every other second person in australia too

    my uncle owns and xr6 turbo

    my dad owns a ba xr6

    my brother used to have an xr6 turbo ute

    my mum has an au xr6

    countless friends have had xr6 turbo's

    i dont like them, only because people i know have had lots of trouble with them

    if i was gonna get a falcon would be a supercharged gt-p, because they sound like animals, or something old school

    ^.^ welcome to clubcommon.com.au home of the xr's
  7. nemz

    nemz nemz cam: active

    well it seemed relevant at the time

    but just a bit of fact

    300zx's can run 11's on stock turbo's

    and 300zx's can also make 118mph passes on stock turbo's with under 270rwkw

    and they dont have to be stripped out to do it

    Last edited: Dec 12, 2008
  8. VIXEN-T

    VIXEN-T New Member

    did u forget u live in australia? did u forget XRs are built in australia? OF COURSE THERES GONA BE HEAPS OF THEM U MORON!!! hahahaha......and i dont think u have had countless friends.
  9. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    rofl :D:D:D:D
  10. VIXEN-T

    VIXEN-T New Member

    lolz duno what ur implying by "they dont have to be stripped out to do it" lol when my tuner ran his 10.9 it was in full street trim using pump fuel with MTs.
  11. nemz

    nemz nemz cam: active

    oh i have no friends!

    and yes i am a moron!


    the point is, xr6t's became a fad, every one got one, every one chased for extra power with them, hence the advertised numbers every where.

    you get alot of people throwing money at the same sort of cars, same sort of projects, there is higher chances of getting the combinations and set ups right, simple mathematics.

    the tuning scene with 300zx's is minor compared to most other cars, and still bears alot of good results.

    at the end of the day the vg30dett has been listed countless times for acheivements and received praise, even listed in wards best engines countless years in a row

    the ba falcon is a high volume mass produced family car, made to be affordable, and good value for money for the typical aussie family, i think more ba falcons would have been made in 1 year, then z32's whole production from 89-00.

    how far do you really think you can push a cheap mass produced car, how much care do you really think goes into the building of the engine? compared to an anal japenese manufacturer.

    but any way its apples and pears, the 300zx was much more expensive car in its time, took alot more time to build and produce, and cost more money to produce
  12. JETzx


    Link me to the zed that achieve this. I hope it's not one of those non advertised 300zx you refer to earlier
  13. VIXEN-T

    VIXEN-T New Member

  14. JETzx


  15. nemz

    nemz nemz cam: active


    just on a side note

    my eldest brother des, 35

    owns a vt SS ls1

    owned a ba falcon series 1 xr6turbo

    and no owns a an r32 gtr

    praises the r32 gtr like no tomorrow

    incidently sold the ba because of reliability problems

    my brother ben - 31

    owned xr6 turbo ute series 1 also

    sold because of reliablity issues

    got an ba xt v8 instead, now never had a problem
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2008
  16. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

  17. VIXEN-T

    VIXEN-T New Member

    lmaooo that was the first F6 they brought out and it was just a clutch failure which has since been fixed....and you refer to an internet review of the car as a reason why they are ALL shit? once again you show yourself to be the true moron that you are :bash:
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2008
  18. ZEX300

    ZEX300 slick spec

    this topic is awesome

    and i'm loving how the guys who drive NA zeds are trying to chime in. You guys drive slow old cheap japanese cars.

    and Nemz there were 164,170 Z32's produced from 1989-1996, the number of XR6T's produced is about 10% of that from 2002-2007

    stop acting like you know stuff
  19. nemz

    nemz nemz cam: active

    i never quoted xr6t vs 300zx figures, i quoted ba falcons vs z32's as a whole

    and of course i was exagerating a little, i thought it would have sounded quite clear, an over exageration, just trying to make a point.

    but i do know the quality of these cars first hand.
  20. parker

    parker Been around for a bit

    I was responding to the above post saying that no one on this forum has an xr. (but they clearly do) So thank you for your family rundown on what fords they own. You would have thought your family would have learn't after you bought the first one!
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