300zx T Bolt hose clamp kits

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    A local bloke just bought a ttzed and it must have had half a dozen different sorts of hose clamps fitted to it :rolleyes: (and half of them were absolutely rooted :eek:), so when I told him I could get him a matching T Bolt hose clamp set from my usual guy at a bloody good price, he was in.

    I figured there might be some other guys in the same boat so I thought I’d see what they could come up with for us

    Here’s the deal :

    He has a TT with SMIC’s and a radiator with metal hardpipe instead of the looong oem rubber hose, and because this is a common setup these days (and for convenience), it was classed as the basic kit and has been priced @ $80.30 (there are 22 separate SS T bolt clamps in this configuration so that makes this an absolute bargain :cool:)


    Variations of this basic kit include FMIC and numerous hard pipe configurations as well as NA versions and the oem hosed radiator setup (PM me with your details for a specific price because it is too mind boggling to list all the possibilities here)

    These Stainless Steel T Bolt clamps are top quality and all have 4 spot welds on each side of the clamp for strength and durability (others only have 2 or 3 spot welds), arched bolts (for band clearance), and Nyloc nuts (to stop them from undoing). I’ve been using these clamp sets on my zeds for years and can attest to their absolute durability.

    This SS T bolt clamp kit offer will be available to forum members till the end of the year and has no minimum buy conditions attached

    PM me with your interest of if there’s anything I haven’t covered

  2. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

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