300ZX stainless steel divorced dumpipes.

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Egg, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Egg

    Egg ....

    Only a couple of sets left!
    $220USD including USPS to your door.
    First in best dressed. :)[image]http://www.mustangmods.com/data/1552/z32dump.jpg[/image][image]http://www.mustangmods.com/data/1552/z32dump2.jpg[/image]
  2. Wisc

    Wisc New Member

    what size?

    what size are they where is the last thread? may be interested if i change my exaust soon.
    thats the price for two right?
  3. Egg

    Egg ....

    Yes two.... :)

    Though when you consider about $70 of this is freight it's got me stuffed how they can make em for this... and just noticed some identical looking dumps for $850AUD at a well know shop.
    They're 2 and a half inch.
    Three sets left!
  4. MaxsZX

    MaxsZX Active Member

    Sounds good, are they a direct bolt on?

    much work to get them on? also power gains?Max:YD
  5. Egg

    Egg ....


    4 bolt t25 which will mate straight up to our turbos, might be a minor hassle mating up the engine pipes but nothing any decent exhaust shop can't do easily and cheaply.
    Gains... I reckon only about 5hp on a stock Z and maybe 10 on a stage three, maybe more if you have other mods and the cast dumps are holding you back... think the torque improvements would be more significant then peak horsepower.
  6. Ho3

    Ho3 Guest

    Hey Paul you got an email address? (n/m)

  7. Egg

    Egg ....

    egregiousATbigpondDOTcom (n/m)


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