300zx Roots

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    Interesting read for those interested about the 300zx's roots :zlove:

    " The original concept was powered by the 3.0-litre quad cam 24-valve VG30DE engine, making 223bhp and 198lb ft of torque."
    "By the time the Mid4 II came around in 1988, the engine had gained a couple of turbochargers, and now made 326bhp. It was downrated for production form, making 300bhp with a five-speed transmission and 280bhp with the four-speed transmission (torque was rated at 283lb ft on each). Both the naturally-aspirated and turbo engines featured in various models of the Fairlady Z and 300ZX."

  2. Jamie

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    Got damn it man, the title got me excited. Thought there was a z32 dating site opening :(
  3. JamainexD

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    haha omg :p
    Thanks for pointing that out
    I guess thats one way to see it :rofl:
  4. ugame

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    :zlove: some one move this to Z related ;)

    Seems Z related to me
  5. Romonski

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    this is a repost x1000 is it not
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    I rooted my zed by ramming it into a bus shelter, does that count as on topic?

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