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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Chris300zx, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Chris300zx

    Chris300zx New Member

    Does anyone else get people going out of there way to try and damage there 300zx?

    I stop taking mine to the shops because almost every time i went back to my car it would have a new dent, so now its just used to go for a drive on the weekend, but now I feel like its not even safe in my own yard.

    The kids or there parents must think it is fun to toss balls and rocks at it :mad: I might just be curse, since the car I had before it and the neighbors I had before toss coffee over that one as well.

    It is starting to make me feel like getting rid of it :(

    (I know I shouldn't get upset over a car but she is my baby)
  2. mikemd

    mikemd New Member

    Sounds like you need to get rid of the neighbours not the car! Lots of idiots in the world and they are normally just jealous idiots. Maybe buy a big dog...
  3. Chris300zx

    Chris300zx New Member

    Got 3 staffys but I have a little fence up to stop them from going to the car, the new pup had some fun chewing on one of the rear mudflaps one day and the kids have no brains, they sit on the fence and try to pick on the dogs.

    I am really worry about the future if all kids are like them.
  4. munted

    munted New Member

    Funny you mention this....

    Tree limb falling and denting my hatch shortly after I got it

    (Jack ass tradie who wouldn't own up)tape measure bouncing off his ute off the road scratched my bonnet and smashed my windscreen 4 months back.

    (Jack ass tradie who refuses to tie the shit on his ute) ladder flying off up the highway at 120 km/ h sliding up the road with me hot on his heels.
    Found out my abs works extremely well..

    For over ten years I've wanted a zed and the world wants to destroy it on me :(
  5. attycuz

    attycuz Member

    Mine got keyed one day, out the back of my house so annoying!!! Why can't people appreciate cars and not dent and destroy
  6. Chris300zx

    Chris300zx New Member

    Yeah that is how it feels, I haven't had that drama yet but I do try not to sit behind utes and any car really with shit on it, I am looking into getting a dash cam incase that does ever happen.

    Wow some people are really low. Yeah that is how I was raised.
  7. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    Seriously though mate, I'D MOVE , sounds like you got cocksnot's for neighbours . When i got my Black TT i was living in New Farm in Brisbane and parked out on the street never an issue except for one goose who tried to break in and steal my sub epic fail.

    Now i live in Redcliffe and parked at the shopping centres and on the street no problems even my convertible i now own has never been touched.

    QLDZDR ID=David

    When you park in a shopping centre always look for a spot next to a column so you can use it to protect the driver's side (which you can't avoid looking at, have to see it every time you get in the car).[​IMG]
  9. Chris300zx

    Chris300zx New Member

    Yeah I'm looking into moving to parkes (might be nice to get out of a city area). The only car I have had that no one has done anything to was a 90 mazda 323, it was a bomb.

    If I ever do take it to the shops I try my best to park next to a brand new car or away from all cars but it doesn't help, been thinking of adding a bumper strip for when I go to the shops but I think that might look a little odd.
  10. Gazza

    Gazza Active Member

    I had some inbred junkie mole attempt to deliberately back into my zed in a maccas drive through just 3 weeks ago! Did not do a **** thing to deserve it, she just took an instant dislike to my car and thought it would be cool to try to back her pajero over my bonnet to teach me some kind of lesson in car choice. Its the closest I've come to getting arrested in a long time considering she thought a sheet of glass was going to protect her if she continued with her plan (I was out of the car and at her window in a flash). Luckily her friend in the passenger seat persuaded her to stop after the 3rd attempt!. I never thought Id ever hit a female, but that idiot pushed my limit of tolerance. She told me she was calling the police because I was threatening her. I laughed and told her it wouldn't save her arse if she damaged my car. I had to hide my car away for a few days incase some sicko was porking the ugly inbred mole and decided to get some retribution.
  11. QLDZDR

    QLDZDR ID=David

    Wow, if it had gone any further you might have shut down the Maccas drive through.
    Wonder what kind of problem a Pajero driver would have with a Zed, can't be the blinding high mount headlights in the face even on low beam.

    Security camera footage ? How would it have looked to the cops? I hope you used your horn first so that the maximum number of witnesses could be gathered.
    She is sitting so high that she wouldn't see your rego plate, so what colour is your car? Just in case those sickos you mention (notice I made it plural) target ALL cars of your colour.

  12. Gazza

    Gazza Active Member

    I did nothing to provoke her, I reckon my only crime was my illuminated rear panel that got her attention. I went through drive through and my order wasn't ready yet so I was told to park up in the single car parking space alongside the drive through. After a few cars went through this imbecile was also told to park up and wait so she decided to try to back into my car even though another spot was only 5 meters away and in front of her. Gave her a quick beep when she started reversing thinking she may have not seen me, but she continued backing up so I gave another honk. When she didn't stop I got out and told her to stop before she hit my car. Her response was to abuse me while continuing to attempt to reverse into my car, at which point I blew my stack at her. The idiot then blocked the drive through refusing to move until she got her food but I got mine first and then had to give her another serve through her window trying to get her to move out of my way. Her friend who kept out of the whole thing must of had enough and finally convinced the space cadet to move out of everyone's way. The drive through attendant was shaking her head and apologising at the whole situation when I got my food but wisely decided to keep out of it. I'm glad now that I kept my hands off her but bloody hell it was tough at the time.
  13. Chris300zx

    Chris300zx New Member

    Yeah I would of went nuts to, its a shame when people see a nice car they just want to damage it.
    She must of been off her face something bad to even try to do that, tbh I don't think I would of been able to control my self like that, I flip it when I find a new dent or mark on my 300.

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