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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by dantescrion, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Hi Guys,
    Hope everyone is doing well.I really wanted to post my story , and what i have experienced and my connection with my car. I am half pakistani and half libyian (dangerous combination i know :), i was raised in canada. I still remember my neighbour had a nissan 300zx z31 and a Datsun 120Y. i dont know but whenever i use to come from school after bullied all day and look at those gorgeous looking vehicles parked in his garage it use to make me happy. I lietrally dream of driving a 300zx even though i was only 11. That is when i fell for the nissan 300zx and my dream car cam-e into being. I have been living in Australia for the past 9 Years - spent my money paying the uni fees and paying the bills. I use to work at the servo and when of my regular customers had a nissan 300zx yellow TT Z32. I use to tell him that one day i will buy this car as this is my dream and he use to say Son - jeez you have limited dreams haha .
    Anyway , my cousin had the z32 Jspec and he was the 2nd owner. He went back to canada selling me the car. I bought the car and became a proud owner of 300ZX. I have the car for few months and most of my friends who are asians started bagging me that why the heck did i bought 300zx fairlady. They all have 180sx , 200sx asian eyes and fully sick WRX hahaha. I was literally bagged in my whole friend circle and then came my in security about my car. I started getting Paranoid...Mind it this car has never given me a slightest problem. But still my ears and eyes where always on the heat guage - the exhaust noise the engine roaring. I than observed the Cat indicator light which use to be there every now and then. It still comes on for 10 sec to max 1 min- but again some times. Doesnt effect the drive or performance. I started panicing and went to my local mechanix. He told me that Stay away from these car mate - didnt i told you not to buy one!!!anyway he couldnt figure out what was going on. I was than told by my cousin to join 300zx forums and ask the members as they well surely help.
    I than signed up and asked the members. To my amaze everyone started replying back and i felt i was no stranger. Arvin - one of the senior members advised me to PM him my cell no and he will help. I did, and i meet him few hours back. He also is a proud owner of z32 and honestly, he knew this car!!
    He had a brief look at my car - went for a short drive. Advised me that its the exhaust sound and that it is customized in this way to make that roaing sound. He also gave me tips of how to improve the engine performance and suspension of my car.
    Honestly, i must admit that i was loosing hope in my car and was thinking may be ppl are right.I even had it on gumtree for only few grandz so that i will get rid of it..i thought May be this was not for me...but honestly, after meeting with arvin , i have regained my assurance in my car and the love and the bond is now more stronger. I am so happy that i am a part of this forum and in today's world ppl do look after you. Money is not always the main point - its the smile you give back to the community.

    I am really thankfull for the 300zx forums and Arvin and all who viewed and replied to my thread. If ever needed my services i will help the forum in any possible way.

    Thanks for reading my story guys

    300zx- till death do us a part :)

    Thanks Arvin - ( starting of a new friendship )

    Proud owner of Nissan 300zx z32 - J spec
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    Welcome aboard, your friends are just jealous that you have twice as many turbos and two more cylinders. Theirs maybe a little more agile but they look like ass next to even the most ill kept of zeds. Not to mention the 40+ years of heritage the z32 carries.
  3. Roadeater

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    Hello. I'm sure that sooner or later you will find that your Z will turn it's head and show you it's ugly side. I was a perfectly normal functioning human until I decided it was a Z for me, now I'm quite insane, all here will testify to that.

    You quite obviously have passion, so you can put a tick in the first box. Next, I hope you have a good tool kit, or plan on buying one... you'll see why. Your friends may well be proven completely wrong if you do regular maintenance - probably more required for the Z than any other affordable sports car of it's era.

    I like your story, the force is strong with you. The members here are very quick to offer support and regular posters will soon feel like family, and like all families there are brothers, sisters, parents, grampies and yes, a few black sheep.

    Welcome to you, much luck and may the speed cameras be on all the roads that you are not.
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    Cool story, and welcome to the insanity of Zed ownership.
    There is a strong Zed community in Sydney and they hold regular tech days.
    Go along to some of them and learn about the car and its problems.
    Yes they can have problems, but so do all cars.
    Look after it and it'll look after you.
  5. dantescrion

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    Thank you guys, already feel i am at home....

    Just to add in, the background am from you always end up with a honda or camry hahaha. I fought with my parents when i bought the z31 in CA. Now my wife is mad at me cuz i bought z32 and spend a fair bit time with my car. I got her honda accord euro to settle things :)

    But yeah will look after the fairlady - and will keep posting my new adventures :)

    Thanks again guys
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    Hahaha. how long married?
    When you have been married for a while the wife is glad you go to the car so she can be left alone. :rofl:

    BTW.. we need pics....car of course, not wife:p
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    Suggest using photobucket.com for uploading pics.
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    its set to private :(
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    Very nice!
    Like those wheels too. 19s or 20s?
  16. pennyarvs

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    They're 20's.

    Dante, where's the picture of the "knife"?

  17. dantescrion

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    hahaha we should have take the picture man!! Guys - Arvin found knife from the engine chamber - jeez i dont know where it came from though :p
  18. Nauraushaun

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    Don't listen to people. People get uppity about the 300ZX - they're all wrong! It looks better than a Lancer or Silvia, it sounds better, it's low and wide like all the best cars, and it's quick as anything. Sure it might be out-performed by a Supra, but good luck getting a decent Supra for the price of a decent Z. And you can't get a manual Supra targa ;)
  19. mholt

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    dont worry about your zed mate for the same cubic capacity they have fantastic torque and excellent power output will nail most things still
  20. dantescrion

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    Thanks Guys- really your comments mean a lot honestly


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