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Discussion in 'Technical' started by geofnvic, May 9, 2011.

  1. geofnvic

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    First Question.
    After just finishing rebuild and installing motor, I am unable to find a plug to fill the connection at the end of the bundle of wiring on the RHS of the motor attached to plenum. In the box of left over parts I did however find a short lead with a plug that will engage in the connection but it only has one wire coming from end of what looks like co-axial cable and it looks like it has corroded off.
    Second Question.
    This motor came fitted with a GFB front pulley which is obviously much smaller in diameter than stock and I am now having problems stopping it from squealing at start-up. The belt is new and very, very tight but it even starts squealing when the lights are turned on. It looks to me as though there is not enough belt rap around drive pulley because of the smaller diameter.

    Does anyone else have these problems?:confused:
  2. Mitch

    Mitch Has one gear: GO

    Assuming you are still running the stock wiring bracket on the plenum, there is connections for the O2 sensor (black shielded cable) and the VTC solenoid (white shielded).
    This pic should help, otherwise snap a pic and throw it up on here for a definitive answer.

    O2 sensor

    Engine side view (see cables on top of engine, wiring bracket omitted)
  3. Mitch

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    So the pic above is the RHS of the engine. If you mean the Australian Passenger side (LHS, in the automotive naming convention), then there is a thick bundle of wires that run alongside the plenum (has the same VTC and O2 wires going to it). It snakes along the engine, meets with the fuse/relay box, then wraps around the front of the engine. There is a large white co-ax looking cable bundled in with that which runs to the Crank Angle sensor (CAS). It's white.
  4. geofnvic

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    Thanks for getting back to me Mitch.. The actual wiring harness comes around the back of the motor and finishes near point 6 and is clipped onto a bracket attached to the 2 bolts shown at point 6 in your photo. The VTC and O2 sensors both plug into connectors at the back of the motor where the harness goes in to fuel and coil connectors.
  5. geofnvic

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    What did I do wrong?

    I am just trying to sort out a couple of issues here but it looks like I have been deserted!!:confused:
  6. Mitch

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    I didn't desert you. Your last post made a statement with no question. People just assume everything got sorted out.

    Post a picture or two with your problems- in particular the wiring if you have not sorted it yourself yet.

    As for the accessory belts. get a can of belt dressing to help the belt grip the pulley a little better. Failing that, and assuming you ahve maxed out the tensioners, get a smaller belt. Pat numbers sould be 4PK XXX where XXX is the length of the belt in mm (or circumfrence, Can't remember). 4PK is a 4 peak belt, 3peak belts used for the NA power steering pump belt.
    The squealing with the lights on suggests the alternator belt (excess load, higher turning resistance).
  7. a2zed

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    The spare connector you are talking about is for the DET sensor, the coax cable you found in the box of bits is the DET sensor sub-harness. No way possible to get this in with out pulling the gearbox out or removing the lower plenum. Easiest fix here is a 1M ohm resistor to bypass it. Check the tech section for a run down on how to do it. Sounds like you have one VTC connector plugged into the DET sensor connector.

    The right hand(driver side) VTC connector is about half way along the plenum. The left hand VTC connector is bundled with the Left O2 connector at the back left of the engine. The det sensor connector is in the middle, back of the engine. DET connector has white and black wires, VTC connectors have green/black trace and black wires.

    Have had the belt squeel issue with worn under drive pulleys. If your's sqeels with new and correctly tensioned belts, you can try roughing the ribs in the pulley with sand paper,other wise replace.
  8. geofnvic

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    Thanks for the reply Mitch, this whole project has been very trying as my son pulled the car apart and lost interest so I have had to continue the project to get it off my driveway. I will try the beltgrip on the weekend but i feel the problem is the amount of rap the belt has around and was curious if anyone had a similar problem. I am also trying to upload some pictures of the left over wire and plug to help identify it.[​IMG][/IMG][​IMG][/IMG]
  9. geofnvic

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    Try again with pictures

  10. Peter Black

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  11. Peter Black

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    And here:
  12. geofnvic

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    Belt issue sorted

    Thanks for the advice on the belts Mitch, went and purchased a Gates item and solved those problems.
  13. geofnvic

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    Connector problems.

    Hope I dont ramble on too much for you guys but the plot thickens on this spare connector. Firstly, the engine fires up and runs like a clock but I have not road tested it yet. Secondly, before installing motor I realised there was no way to connect DET sensor once the engine was in place so I did a few mods to what I thought was the sub-harness that connected to the DET Sensor. I found what i thought was the only plug that would reach under the plenum to the DET sensor and as it was about 300mm long I cut it off near the main engine harness and have since reconnected it with a couple of plug in crimps so if all else fails I can still unplug and plug in different wires at this point which is just behind engine on drivers side.

    Next issue that I found after installation was a vacant plug on a small valve located right in the drivers side back corner of the engine bay which appears to be part of the EGR which I have deleted. Possible scenario- I cut the connector that was supposed to connect to this valve, which I dont need anymore anyway.... hopefully??? Can anyone help there???

    As best as I can tell all other connectors are in their original positions but I am still trying to identify the sub-harness and connector that Peter Black helped me out with by finding and posting my pictures, Thanks Peter. This connector would not fit the DET sensor as it is only a small 2 pin similar to injector plug.. So can anyone help out with this one as well??

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