Discussion in 'For Sale by Businesses' started by CrestaJohn, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. CrestaJohn

    CrestaJohn NEW 'OEM' PARTS

    I have 1 set of new LED mirror covers for the Zed. (as seen on ebay for US99 + US25 shipping

    Have inspected the covers and see that the are quite a good fit but WILL need to be adhered to the mirror (suggest silastic .. not screws)

    They come primed ready to sand and paint.

    $125 delivered !!



  2. Fate

    Fate Evil Genius

    Consider these sold

  3. HaylZ

    HaylZ Shaven Haven

    BUGGER!! i want them!!

    hey Fate, be a gentlemen and give them to me!!! you've got blown turbos!! what do you need these for?!?!?

  4. Fate

    Fate Evil Genius

    Sorry Haylez !!!

    Sorry Haylez... NO chance!

    I've been waiting for someone to sell these for a LOOOOONG TIME!

    I was at the point of considering buying Proton M3 style mirrors and fabricating them to fit.

    Sorry Haylez. :(

    Edit:... P.s NO flickering your eyelids at me either! That wont work!
  5. HaylZ

    HaylZ Shaven Haven

    so not fair *stomps feet*

  6. maTTz

    maTTz 500 Club

    hey man, considered doing a GB on these?

    u might get a lot of interest

  7. brady

    brady New Member

    cant we organise a group by on this?? i think alot of members would want them.

    CRESTA...when in position, do they look like plastic covers to the rest of the world or do they look as if part of the mirror?
  8. LazyZed

    LazyZed Active Member

    Why not just organise a group buy for complete side mirrors?

    There are at least 2 members in the last week who need to fix/replace theirs due to accident (myself included) and wanted to change mine at some point anyway.

  9. Fate

    Fate Evil Genius

    Nope you all have to wait til the next time around ;) hehehe

    LOL Sorry guyZ n Haylz

    Maybe next time ;) <----- winkin
  10. CrestaJohn

    CrestaJohn NEW 'OEM' PARTS

    When painted and on the car, they will look like the actual mirror.
    If you look at it close up where the actual mirror is, you will then see that its a cover.
    Unless of course you are really good and cover over any gaps.

    Guys I am in the process of arranging a bulk buy on these but they aren't very flexible with the price at the moment. Am trying to bargain a bit more and if that means i have to buy more..then so be it.

    who needs mirrors???
    Do you need complete factory mirrors or do you want a/m ones.
    Will the factory housing be ok or are they totally smashed??

    Happy to help in any way.
  11. LazyZed

    LazyZed Active Member

    Well, my mirror is hanging by the wires, but is still adjusting. Nothing broken inside, but will probably never retract again though ;>

    I would like ganador style mirrors similar to these:


    They are a tad pricey, but would be interested what prices a group buy would bring :>

  12. CrestaJohn

    CrestaJohn NEW 'OEM' PARTS

    Hey Rob I thought someone was doing a GB on these on the old forum.
    Cant remember who though.
  13. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    some oil needed here .. for troubled waters ... shame

    that true love is so shallow, hey haylZ .....????

  14. zxtt-1

    zxtt-1 mechanically inept

    could be intersted as well. :)
  15. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member


    Ahhh, wasn't that the group buy on the old forum that totally ripped people off and the dude who was organising it ended up being totally shafted by his 'supplier'? Maybe there was another one, but I remember that - felt sorry for him (whoever it was).
  16. CrestaJohn

    CrestaJohn NEW 'OEM' PARTS

    Yeh I think you're right. Didn't he have to cover extra costs himself?
  17. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member


    from what I remember, he had to put off his trip overseas while he sorted it out... poor bugger! Anyone else remember that? How'd he go? (whoever it was)
  18. HaylZ

    HaylZ Shaven Haven

    yeah *wipes tear* i just don't think it's going to work out anymore...

  19. Fate

    Fate Evil Genius

    But but but...

    *starts to weep*

    HaylZ, you know I still care, honest I do... I just... *wipes tear*

    I'm sorry, honest!

    Anything but these :( ...

  20. LazyZed

    LazyZed Active Member

    There is a group buy on Ganador aero mirrors in the group buy section as a consolation mate :>

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