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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by zx299, May 5, 2016.

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  1. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    I've been contacted by a supplier and offered the following Group Buy deal on Injector & ancillary connectors for members needing to replace some of their ageing connectors

    A 300zx has 11 Oem injector connectors (6 x injector & 5 x ancillaries) and the factory connector (with removable wire clip) is a real PITA :eek:, so the supplier stocks a Quick Release alternative to replace all 11 connectors which makes life much easier when 'tinkering with the zed'.


    Normal price on these connectors is $8ea but we've been offered a forum price of $4.80ea on this bundle

    Seeing that a lot of zed owners are now running different injectors (or planning a change), a 'split package' will also be offered where members can opt for 6 x injector connectors of their choice (Sard/Nismo/Injector dynamics) and 5 x QR connectors to fit the ancillaries (AAC/FICD/CTS/PRVR/Air Reg) at the same GB price


    These bundles are available now for immediate delivery (no minimum number) and postage to your door will be $7.45 (if you're participating in the 300zx Radiator Fan GB, the connectors can be combined with the fan which saves the $7.45 postage)

    PM me to be included in this GB or if you have any questions

    p.s a DSE (Detonation Sensor Eliminator) can be added to your order for an additional $12.75 (normally $15)

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  2. gmbrezzo

    gmbrezzo Moderator

    1. gmbrezzo - 1 set (11) Std Nissan Series 1
  3. THZX

    THZX Member

    1. gmbrezzo - 1 set (11) Std Nissan Series 1
    2. THZX- 1 set (11) Std Nissan Series 1
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  4. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    Detonation Sensor Eliminator (DSE).......

    For those that don't know, when your detonation (knock) sensor fails it is not possible to replace it with the motor still in one piece :eek: Also, failure induces your ecu to permanently throw a fault code (34) which defaults your fuel/timing maps to safety mode producing very lacklustre performance in your zed.

    This is where the Detonation Sensor Eliminator comes in.... you unplug the subharness with the dud sensor and plug in the DSE. It now impersonates the knock sensor, supplying the correct signal to the ecu stopping it from throwing a fault code and ensuring you extract maximum performance from your zed :)

    It's as easy as that :D (plug and play)

  5. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    Ian, i do not know how you keep doing it ........

    yet another amazing GB ..... top stuff .... !!!
  6. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    More starters needed......

    There must be dozens of zeds running round with shoddy connectors, so here's your chance to fix a lot of your problems at the right price :D

    You can't expect to get your zed running right if you don't have decent connectors, and these QR connectors have superior spring loaded 'tweezer action' contacts that always provide constant connection (unlike the oem ones that get bent out of shape after a couple of uses)

    Your injector connectors will usually be fairly obvious when they start to get dodgy (not running on 6 cylinders), but your ancillary connectors will present all sorts of weird and wonderful symptoms when they fail to perform adequately.

    Save yourself the headaches (now and in the future) by replacing the connectors available in this GB, and you can cross off the list one of the most common zed related problems seen on this forum :(

    PM me now to get your name on the list (or if you have any questions) ...... you'll thank me later on :cool:
  7. _Robbo_

    _Robbo_ Active Member

    Possible to get the det sensor eliminator separate? If so put me down for one
  8. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    This GB is closing soon.....

    PM me now to be included in the order :cool:
  9. B-Line

    B-Line Older junior member

    Over all cost

    What's the overall cost for complete s t?
  10. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    $52.80 for all 11 connectors.....

    plus $7.45 postage (please add $12.75 if also purchasing a DSE)
  11. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    Group Buy ending this weekend......

    PM me if you wish to be included in the order :cool:
  12. Tektrader

    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

    Just so you know. The injector connectors with the hoop fit all the injector positions except cylinder number 6 where I always had to use the old style or cut off the hoop.
  13. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    NOT TRUE with these connectors.......

    These connectors are designed to fit the right way up (not upside down like the blackbaz connectors).

    Also, you don't have to cut the tab off the underside of the injector like you do if you are fitting baz's connectors.

    These connectors are also much easier to use because the Quick Release spring is facing up :thumbup:
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