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    Spent a little time today moving the HID ballasts under the nose panel. I like the HIDs, I do not like the eyesore in the engine bay. Yesterday some parts I'd been waiting on arrived and today they went under the nose panel. Nothing special or unique or original but might give others some ideas if you're wondering what to do with yours.

    ballasts original location driver.jpg ballasts original location passenger.jpg

    Being that they're AC type there's an inline inverter that makes it hard route any wiring if you want to move them (the ballasts) away from the headlamps. I ordered some extension leads from ebay that took ages to arrive...

    Prepped the ballasts for their new home; the inverters are taped to the ballast with a safety cable tie for good measure. I added a strip of adhesive foam just to make sure I wasn't going to introduce any rattles.

    ballasts relocated ballasts prepped.jpg

    This panel under the nose is suitable for rive nuts. The cavity behind is a little shallow so the rivet nut will bottom out before the flange sits flush with the sheet metal, but having done this before I know it'll be secure.

    ballasts relocated rivnut hole.jpg

    Ballasts installed.

    ballasts relocated ballasts installed.jpg

    And the intake back on. Another advantage with installing a pod filter is that it frees up HEAPS of room under here.

    ballasts relocated intake installed.jpg

    Much better.

    ballasts relocated finished.jpg

    And it still needs a thorough clean after our offroading at Zedfest... I'm amazed at all the nooks and crannies that dust has gotten into lol
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