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  1. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Had a go at repairing the altia panel today.

    Started out well with a new EL panel and some high temp polymide tape. Unfortunately though I was getting some light bleeding through with power on.

    altia repair part way.jpg

    Altia fit a blackout type film around the logo as part of the assembly and unfortunately it looks like some of this has been damaged when removing the hold EL panel and foam backing.

    altia panel repair light bleed.jpg

    Probably shouldn't come as a huge surprise given the age etc. I didn't want to try repairing with paint as I don't think it (paint) would stick too well to the existing film. Instead I've ordered some blackout adhesive film from ebay so hopefully back into it next weekend.
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  2. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Found some pics on facebook of when the car was resprayed by Alfa Bodyworks in October 2020. That's all I could dig out, probably not that interesting to anybody else lol

    alfa body works respray 1.jpg alfa body works respray 2.jpg alfa body works respray 3.jpg
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  3. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Got a little bit further with the altia repairs.

    Started by patching the secitons where the light was bleeding through with some Window Blackout Film. This stuff sticks OK to glass but not so much the plastic, so a little tape to hold it in place.

    altia panel blackout.jpg

    Quick test light and we're all good

    altia panel no bleed!.jpg

    Popped a little adhesive foam on the back of the panel. I measured the foam that came off the old panel at 2mm, so I went with 3mm to allow for another 20 years of compression. The foam isn't holding the EL panel to the light, I figure it's just there to keep some pressure on and help keep the EL flush against the back of the panel.

    Snapped a pic of the original inverter. I'm actually not sure if this had failed or the EL panel or both. Just putting this here to preserve the part number for anyone who's interested down the track.

    altia oe relay.jpg

    These were originally fit with a nice patch harness that splices into the tail light amplifier.

    altia panel harness 1.jpg

    It's a nice touch (I thought) so I've put a Duetsch DTM connector on there to use with the new inverter.

    altia panel harness.jpg

    And of course a quick vid of it assembled and actually working...

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  4. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Finally got the car on NSW rego. Service NSW don't keep JDM plates in stock for new regos unless you order a custom plate and I'm not that keen on paying the annual fee for the privilege.

    So standard plates will do for now and some 2mm dry carbon fibre sheet to cover the gap in the rear bar.

    Cut to the same size as the JDM plate and add rivet nuts.


    Attach plate


    Attach car


    Not sure if i love it but it's doing the job for now.
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  5. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    You guys have premium plates? here in SA for a once off fee of around 150 you can select a slim plate for the front and a square for the rear. No no to bend the plate and fills the gap.
  6. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah.... so if you don't already have license plates on the car (because you're transferring rego from interstate for example) you have two options.
    1. Order custom content on a JDM size plate and pay $485/year for the custom content plus a one off fee $325 for the plate.
    2. Turn up to Service NSW and pay $170 for a non personalised plate in standard sizes. Go home, put your license plate number into myplates website and pay another $325 to have that number reissued on a JDM size plate. Go back to service NSW when it's ready and swap your standard size plates for your new JDM size plates.
  7. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    Insane! Pure revenue.

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