VIC 25th Anniversary ZX Manual N/A

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    JAMEZX New Member

    Body: 2+2
    Colour: Velvet Blue
    Engine: N/A
    Transmission: M/T
    Interior: Dark grey Velour
    Odometer: 170,000
    Price: 18,500 (negotiable)
    Contact Details: 0401 544 120, or pm me

    Ok, time to sell the car...
    Been with me since June 07, only travelled 7,000 km's since, 3 previous owners before me (one of which belonged to this site)
    Always looked after, serviced etc, No mechanical problems at all since buying
    Everything stock except for stereo system
    Only reason I'm selling is that im doing student exchange next year and need the funds
    Any Questions don't hesitate to ask, can supply more photos if needed
    Inspections welcome, located in West preston 3072
    Ill also throw in extra plates 'ZEDXIT'

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  2. ZX-89

    ZX-89 New Member

    Nice ZX bro. Good Luck wid sale!
  3. markga

    markga Member

    Nice looking car.

    I live in that area and have walked past your car a few times, looks nice and clean.

    Free bump.

  4. ProckyZ89

    ProckyZ89 Senior Member

    very nice mate ;).. question.. what kinda wing is that?? .. looks like a sporty version of a UAS rear wing ?

    great car good luck with sale :D

    ZYTRAM Formerly known as martini_Z

    I believe its a stillen wing, standard as were the wheels and bodykit on all SMZ 25th anniversary editions. Sold in the US market as a TT i think!

    JAMEZX New Member

    Correct. Thanks for the comments :)

    JAMEZX New Member

    Price Drop
    $17, 990
  8. Bbraden

    Bbraden New Member

    stillen type 3? was looking at getting one a while ago

    JAMEZX New Member

  10. JAMEZX

    JAMEZX New Member

    *bump* again
  11. JAMEZX

    JAMEZX New Member

    Down to 15,200
    Pretty cheap for an anniversary model :)
  12. JAMEZX

    JAMEZX New Member

    Once again *bump*...$14,500

    *reasonable offers considered*
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  13. Steven

    Steven Active Member

    good price ... if you drop any further I might

    Good price ... if you drop the price any further I might just buy her to get the 25th anniversary parts ... rims, wing, bars.

    Pitty I did not have any more garage space. :(
  14. Steven

    Steven Active Member

    Dud, get some touch up paint (or more specifically a spray can) and fix up that front bar lip.
  15. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    lol,cheaper to buy those parts on their own from the u.s forums

    nice looking car mate,its a sad state of affairs when these models dont even command the price you are asking for it
  16. azzurro

    azzurro Boostin Outlaw

    Bring it over...

    Bring her over to South Australia...say next week... come watch the Tour Down Under... and ill buy her and fly you home.

    Otherwise fly me over to melb and ill drive her back.
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  17. ryzan

    ryzan Black Mesa? Fat chance...

    Hey mate, could you pm me some more pics (interior, under the bonnet etc) that would be great thanks.
  18. JAMEZX

    JAMEZX New Member

    Might as well post them here
  19. Damoo

    Damoo New Member

    Do you still have the car up for sale?

    • What are the problems with it?
    • Does it have a good service history?
    • Is it Australian Delivered?
    • Will you have the car up until later in this year (September)?

    • Does it have a RWC?
    • Is it registered?
    • Does it take 95 RON or only 98
    • Does it idle rough?

    • Is the head gasket blown?
    • Has it had the 100,000km service?
    • Has fuel usage shot up heaps?
    • Any flatspots?
    • What is the main kind of driving you do?
    • Does the A/C work?
    • Does it overheat in traffic?
    • Is the diff in good condition?
    • Have you thrashed the absolute crap out of it?

    Thats all I can think of for now.
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  20. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

    Why would the head gasket be blown in a running car, if he has not stated it?

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