Z32 25th Anniversary Aus-Spec Registry

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    Over the years there seems to have been a lot of speculation around whether the 25th anniversary Aus Spec's. I've recently been spending some time researching this and can confidently say that they follwed the same VIN naming convention as all the other Australian delivered 300's. They also weren't a sequential run of VIN's as there are a mix of anniversary and standard 300's throughought the vin range. It appears that they were very likely just converted in Australia 'as required' from the incoming deliveries.

    In addition to this, there are no 'unique identifiers' in the Nissan FAST software to indicate these were anniversary cars or list special part numbers for the additional parts which would likely mean that if Nissan did keep a record of which cars were converted, it was likely completely separate and probably long gone by now.

    As such, I've decided to start compiling a registry of known & confirmed anniversary cars. If you have one, or have any details of one I would love to hear from you. Please send me a private message to discuss further and we can negotiate how much or how little information you'd like to share.

    My intentions are to keep this record private until I have sufficient data (and confidence in the data) to confidently make it public, and then will only release information that owners are comfortable with me doing so. It'd be great to have this information and add it to the GTR registry one day.
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