NSW 23.3.19 Putty Rd Redux

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by rob260, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. rob260

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    Thanks everyone that came along. We had a good mix of cars after inviting some friends from the Z33/34 group and all in all an enjoyable day.

    Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Pokolbin due to Putty Rd being closed north of Wollemi due to a fatal accident earlier in the day. Apologies to anyone planning to meet at Harrigan’s but we had no phone coverage and no prior warning and unfortunately no other way around but to head back towards Windsor and head out separate ways.

    Still a nice drive as far as Grey Gum cafe and a nice lunch with good company.

    I only had a couple of pics, hopefully some others will share theirs.

    1604B901-FD1D-49D5-A312-8C447F277A82.jpeg 9DC2F020-2690-4E18-898B-5E6F05D218E4.jpeg 8376B0C7-2D48-4DA0-ACF9-4765981F91B8.jpeg 328B01AA-CEEA-4901-BFBC-D27B796649D1.jpeg
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  2. haydengolz

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    Looks like it was a good turn out. It was a shame about the road closure but unfortunately that happens. Will have to catch up with everyone next time once the new engine is in mine and it is back on the road!
  3. Boll!

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    Fu@k I love the color of that blue Zed!!

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