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Discussion in 'Coming Events' started by WYKKED, Jun 8, 2012.

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    I didn't know that .
  2. BGTV8

    BGTV8 Member

    Is in supp reg's.
  3. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    hi guys just to let you guys know ,
    we have a house about 5 min from the track ,
    we will get there friday and leave sunday if there is anyone that needs to stay with us there let me know via p.m

    140$ for the weekend , there are 3 beds left. ATM. you can sleep on the floor or any corner you find , you need to bring you own linen etc etc


    badxtc + Kirby .
    bracket + Claire
  4. ProckyZ89

    ProckyZ89 Senior Member

    Is this team VIC forming ?

    team NSW has done something similar
    Black beast (I think)
    And others who I haven't been told yet
  5. bRACKET

    bRACKET Do Right Dean

    Tekky is from Vic, although he is that far away he might as well be from NSW...
  6. Peter Black

    Peter Black Active Member

    I'm not going to have anything ready to drive but I'll be down to have a look and am happy to help out in the pits for anyone who needs a spare set of hands.
  7. 260DET

    260DET Active Member

    How many from Q? Great to see you Z32 blokes getting into the Nationals thing, sad to say the response from the S30 lot has been less than enthusiastic if numbers are an indicator. I will be rolling the 280ZXT there, should be brilliant :)
  8. mholt

    mholt Member

    when are you going past newcastle on the way to nationals
  9. 260DET

    260DET Active Member

    Me? Not going the coastal route from Brisbane.

    UNIQUE ZED Zed Racing World

    Team Unique going to Phillip Island. With Tecktrader as pit crew, sure to be a great help. Wizard looks like coming down also now.

  11. ProckyZ89

    ProckyZ89 Senior Member

    Tekky and me as back ups, nothing could possibly go wrong :p

    UNIQUE ZED Zed Racing World

    I'm sure something will go wrong, that's why we need some help.
  13. ProckyZ89

    ProckyZ89 Senior Member

    It'll be fine, got some great minds and wrench ability around.

    Getting a serious collection of horsies in our stable
  14. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master


    So for everyone that is going to the Nationals and is intending to get on the track, have you completed your paperwork and sent it in with payment?? There are less than 20 spots left for the sprints! Dont miss out guys.

  15. ABZ300

    ABZ300 G

    Mark i forgot to ask you this today...i dont plan on tracking my zed. Do i need to pay to attend the nationals or for show n shine or anything? Is there a form i need to fill in? Ive got accomodation sorted with Alex...just need to figure out other stuff needed lol

  16. sandeep

    sandeep Active Member

    I have sent mine in but didn't get a confirmation email yet, should I re-send from another email address? may have gone through to Junk mail, i used my work email.

  17. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master


    Abz, there is no fee to attend the Nationals as a spectator. After all, it is open to the public. However, if you want to enter the Show n Shine on the Sunday you must purchase at the very least the basic Nationals package which costs $40. You can download the entry form from here:

    Nationals Entry Form


  18. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master


    I can check on Wednesday night if you're entry form has been received. But for a quicker response I would send an email to Karyn ( to find out.


  19. sandeep

    sandeep Active Member

    Thanks Mark, I figured they might have a big stack of entries to get through so will probably get to mine soon enough. now just need to finish off the car... :eek:

    who is representing team vic in the track day?
  20. Peter Black

    Peter Black Active Member

    I wont have anything ready to drive but I'll be down supporting and happy to pit crew for anyone.
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