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Discussion in 'Coming Events' started by WYKKED, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. ABZ300

    ABZ300 G

    Its meant to be clearing showers on thursday so the weekend should be allrite. Either way, no rain is going to stop me lol

  2. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    Extra info - Roll cages, Show n Shine...

    Just wanted to remind you guys, that CAMs has strict policies in regards to padding on roll cages. Essentially, if you have fitted a Roll cage to your car, or any other added metal structure (harness frame etc) that can contact the drivers head in an accident, it must be covered with a specific type of padding. The padding is SF145 and can be seen in the pic below. It can be bought from most motorsport places, but on last check, a lot of places had run out of stock. Motorsport Connections (039553-4200) still has stock, so contact them if you need some. Any other sort of padding is deemed not suitable and you wont be racing.

    For those entering the Show n Shine, it will be in the same location as it was at the 2007 Nationals (for those that went). However, we will have slightly less street space, but should still have ample room to fit all the cars. There will be no designated spots based on type of car, so first in, best dressed. I would advise that if we want to get all the Z32's together, that you guys all coordinate with each other to get to the Show n Shine entry point as early as possible (9am) and enter as one group. Otherwise, you will be positioned all over the place, which is also fine, but not great for a club display. WYKKED and myself will have our cars their first, as we will be then doing traffic management to get everyone else is. So it should be pretty obvious as to where to park. But you will be directed on the day. All cars need to be parked by 10am as thats when judging starts.

    This year, there is also a Race class for show n shine. This so far has about 20 cars in this category and essentially accomodates race dedicated vehicles such as the UAS slot car and WYKKEDS car. So if you are bringing a "race car" with gutted interiors, or less than pretty paint, then please feel free to still enter the show n shine. You may win!

    You will receive more info and a program booklet in your package on check in at the Friday, at Ramada resort. Or PM me with questions if something is unclear.


    UNIQUE ZED Zed Racing World

    I was going to ask what the deal is with driving an unregistered vehicle. If the road is closed to the public then it is ok. In 2007 I left it on the trailer.
    Hany info on roll cage paddinng, I am getting this sorted.
  4. 8300zx9

    8300zx9 Active Member

    Who is going to the BBQ and presentation dinner? I'm trying to work out what to purchase... Don't wanna be the one sitting on the side whilst everyone else goes in lmao
  5. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    Here is a map

    John, go to the link below for an outline of the Show n Shine setup. Trailers will be able to be parked in either Bass Avenue or Findlay st. From there, the cars can be unloaded and driven into position for the show n shine. Trailers must be parked appropriately or face parking fines.

    Show and Shine display - Road Closures


  6. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    I'll be going..

    To both the BBQ on friday night and the Dinner on Sunday night.


    UNIQUE ZED Zed Racing World

    Also what is the rule with fire extinguishers and expiry dates enforced? Also any clarification on expiry as in is it 3 years past expiry or....? With some of us travelling so far it would be best not to have any surprises.
  8. BGTV8

    BGTV8 Member

    3 years from date stamp on your bottle.
  9. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    is that what a fire ex last for , in general , or is this for the regs ( just asking for my info ) ?
  10. BGTV8

    BGTV8 Member

    Just the reg's .......

    The powder in most dry-powder extinguishers settles and gets hard after 3 years and if not shaken will not funciton properly - at least that is what CAMS will say.
  11. Peter Black

    Peter Black Active Member

    Pretty much.

    Give it a good kick and shake every few months and as long as the pressure is OK they should last ages.
  12. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    No Island in the sun

    For me this year.:(
    Turbo that was rebuilt has shit itself again, has done very little work since the rebuild, no track days, sat in the garage most of the time.
    was getting the tune checked before i left for down south and it let go on the dyno,
    Be interested to see what the rebuilders have to say as to what was the cause, no doubt it will be my fault, all these so called experts are good at passing the buck.
    Only positive, is i saved myself a drive to Phillip island where it probably would have let go on the first lap and i don't want to even think about the nightmare of getting it all back to Sydney.
    Todays pic.

  13. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Shit Ron you out too?

    Likewise I'm glad the tailshaft failed in Wahroonga rather than halfway to PI.

    Cold comfort though.

    Want to have a combined part out sale with me?
  14. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    Lol Rob

    Thats definately what will happen if i fix this and it happens again.:eek:
  15. DinoZ

    DinoZ Talks sh#t for a living.

    Ron, I hope it wasn't me that jinxed you. My car is still on the hoist and won't be finished in time for PI, so I was thinking the other day of giving you a ring to see if you needed a PSA for the trip down.

    Hope the guys that built the turbo put their hand in their pockets and not yours.
  16. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    You would have

    Been welcome Dino, can't see that happening, i'll have trouble getting my hand in my pocket, cause they will have both of theirs in there, they are very skilled at that, like i said they will make it out to be my fault:rolleyes:


    shit Ron thats no good .
    did GCG rebuild it?

    The Beast isn't going to make it either :(..
    just dont have the time and money at the moment .
    (not as rich as you guys think :p hence why all the work on the car this year has been done by me.)

    still need to setup oil coolers
    and my power steering pump is making noise and cavitating/jerking at low revs.

    not rushing my car for any event

  18. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    since we are having a bitch . ill give you my current state

    this is what my car looks like now . i have 6 days left ..
  19. ABZ300

    ABZ300 G

    Sad to hear guys, its better to find stuff wrong before coming all the way down here. Next time i guess :)

    Alex let me know if you need an extra pair of hands. I can come past after work & help out if needed

  20. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Man do I even want to ask what happened?
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