WA 2008 350Z Roadster TRACK: $31,000 ono

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by ugame, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. ugame

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  2. whoppersandwich

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    Sooooooo I'm guessing not a Testarossa?
  3. ugame

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    lol no

    And to be honest, when/if that day ever comes, I think, even though it has less soul, id be going for a 360 or a 458 Italia depending on what happens to the value of those.

    If i was 10 years old now, I'd have a 458 on my wall for sure. FACT.

    But no, if this ****ing 350Z ever lets me sell it, I'm actually going to be taking a break from anything "performance". No ore track days. No more forums or clubs.

    ....well almost. It should be just as fast as the 350 ;) but bigger ;)
  4. ugame

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    hopefully getting CSC done next week or week after.

    Then it will be back up to $30K but I'll also be looking to SWIFTLY trade it in.

    Would rather see this go to a true zedder but needs must and so I'll trade it in if that's what it comes to. Then a car yard will slap a stupid high price on it, after replacing the roof.

    Last chance for a bargain.
  5. ugame

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    OK car is now booked in for next Monday/Tuesday to have csc done.

    I am only doing csc unless they find a major issue with the clutch itself.

    Price will be back up to $30k neg when done.

    Have 1 guy keen but won't have the money till after Easter
  6. WhiteNight

    WhiteNight Littering and...

    So it's 27k without a csc or 30k with the csc?

    Never knew those 350z parts are so horribly expensive?
  7. ugame

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    Harder to sell a car that's not drivable hence I dropped the car to rock bottom to shift if someone wanted to take it and fix, saving me the hassle and giving me cash in hand to buy the car I was after.

    The car I was after has now been sold.

    My car will be drivable again.

    $30k for one of the lowest k HR 350z's in the market, taking into account the tear in the roof, is a reasonable price.

    Any further questions your honour?

    I'll add this....while the csc is not an expensive part, the gear box has to come out so it'll cost me somewhere towards a grand.
  8. ugame

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    CSC Replaced!

    CSC now replaced and car is driving and fully operational.

    Mechanic said from what he could see there's still pleanty of life left on the clutch too.

    Also ful gearbox flush done at the same time.

    Has me wondering why I'm selling other than I know it's the right thing to do.

    There is a very real possibility I'll be trading in as early as this weekend unless the dealer stiffs me. If that falls through I still have a potential buyer who wont have the cash till after easter but seems dead keen.
  9. ugame

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    Sold sold sold sold sold

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