For Sale 1993 (SERIES 2) 300ZX AUTO, AZTEC RED, TWIN TURBO, 2+2

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Neddey, May 20, 2021.

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  1. Neddey

    Neddey Member

    Rego: ZED66 (registered until 13/11/2021); Current ODO: 101,750

    The proper description of this “lady in red” is a Nissan Fairlady Z32, which I have owned since 12 October 2001. It had 53,900 km on the clock when I bought it and it has been garaged for all the time that I have owned it, mostly as a “weekend drive” adding less than 50,000 in those 20 years, and as a result it is in beautiful condition both mechanically and cosmetically.

    A guy on the Gold Coast who, wanting a “sweet” sports car for his wife, went to Japan and purchased it privately (no auction), shipped it to Oz, had it complied and blinged it up – white instrument cluster, Momo steering wheel, el glo panels, etc

    His wife drove it for a week and told him that it was way too much car for her, so he sold it to me for $24,500. Parting with my “lady in red” will be very traumatic but having replacement knee and hips makes it so difficult just to get in and out, but still exciting to drive. While there are many things that have amazed me about this car, the most was how quick it is from 100 kph to ?00kph, zoom, zoom.

    It comes with genuine Fairlady Z floor mats front and rear, vinyl bags to protect the targa tops when removed, the full “Nissan 300ZX Service Manual (1993 Model), Nissan Data Scan software and specialised USB cable (cost $179.00 - DataScan 1-63 software includes datalogging and graphing features), the original 300ZX jack and accessories, a 300ZX titanium ignition key, a current Qld RWC (Safety Certificate) and the ZED66 personal plates (QLD, negotiable)

    The pics show how good it is inside and outside - Pics Z01 to Z04 were taken with a good camera, showing the Aztec Red much better than those taken with my phone camera.

    I can provide a comprehensive list of mods / additions/service work etc to a serious buyer. Just about all of the service / maintenance work on this car has been carried out by Niall Phillips of Sandgate, Qld, Japanese and European performance car specialist mechanic extraordinaire, long term and highly respected member of the this forum. Niall has known this car for a long time and I’m sure would provide feedback to any prospective buyers if asked. Also advertised on and Gumtree for $27,900. Link below is to my Google picture album.

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  2. Neddey

    Neddey Member

    Added mods / service work details

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  3. Neddey

    Neddey Member

    So sad, my Lady in Red, the single constant in my life for the past 20 years is SOLD, "rehomed" to the ACT.
  4. TordeK

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    I feel for you. I sold mine… just fortunate In my case i was able to buy it back 7 years later…

    Need to find a j spec 4wd or something easy to get in and out of :)
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