QLD 1993 300zx NA $2000

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  1. john.bradley

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    Nissan 300zx manual with 5 speed.
    Fully stock standard except for heavy duty clutch.
    Selling no rego or rwc.
    The car is miss firing on 2 or more cylinders. It starts but then stalls because of this.
    I have 6 brand new fuel injectors to go with the car. Once these are in, the car with run like brand new.
    New battery and good condition tires.
    The interior is clean no real damage to the seats, only a few wear and tear.
    AIR CON WORKS. But the fan only has one speed, which is full blast.
    As in the pictures the ecterior is in poor condition.
    Sun damage on the paint, small crack on front bumper. And some hail damage on bonnet.

    Looking to get rid of car asap.
    Sms would be best form of contact or email.
    Very busy at work, never get to answer the phone during 4am - 5pm.

    $2000 neg.

    Pictures can be found on gumtree add,
  2. Altered State

    Altered State Z Tragic

    This car is sold according to gumtree

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