1992 TT Manual JDM

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    TWIN TERROR Well-Known Member

    Year: 1992
    Body (2+0/2+2): 2+0
    Colour: Black
    Engine (Turbo/NA): TT
    Transmission (MT/AT): Manual
    Interior (Cloth/Leather): Black Leather Seats
    Odometer: 160,000 ? will confirm
    Price: $10,000 firm
    Contact Details: PM only

    This is one well looked after Zed. I have been to busy to drive it much and generally only done 100 - 200ks a year since I bought it a few years ago. Goes well and has never missed a beat. Although car is registered I will be selling without plates as it is now able to be club regoed. Don't really care if it sells and if I have it still come rego time it will go on club plates and back under cover. Really done stuff all ks since I bought it and still has the tits on the front tyres. Should pass a r.w.c. . Life has just got to busy to enjoy my baby. If you need any info p.m me and I will do my best to respond quickly. Car has a vented fibreglass bonnet on at the moment but original mint bonnet is stored and will go with car. It also has light weight Volks wheels that look great.
    Thanks for looking
  2. zxboss

    zxboss New Member

    Hi Dave
    I have sent you a PM
    Cheers :)

    TWIN TERROR Well-Known Member

    Rego's due next month. Make me a serious offer and save me the time of getting it on club plates. This car is mint.
  4. mark

    mark mark

    Got any pictures of this mate, I don't know how to send you a PM with this new look fourum setup, I'm not liking it

    TWIN TERROR Well-Known Member

    I see what you mean. I was going to reply with a p.m to send me your email address but not that sure how I do it ?
  6. lidz

    lidz Well-Known Member

    Isn't it just click on the user name, you get a pop box appear & then click "start conversation"
  7. mark

    mark mark

    I sent you a message but I'm not sure if you got it

    TWIN TERROR Well-Known Member

    Hi Mark,
    Hopefully p.m has worked ?

    MIKEZX Recurring Member

    Is this still available Dave? Cheers.

    TWIN TERROR Well-Known Member

    Thinking about selling again as it has been out once since original post. This thing is mint.
  11. Mikkazx

    Mikkazx Roket Z

    message sent...
  12. Josh Seignior

    Josh Seignior New Member

    Message sent mate
  13. Shabloescobar

    Shabloescobar New Member

    I’m keen is it still available? Pm sent

    TWIN TERROR Well-Known Member

    I should have pmd everyone. To add to the original post the car was put on club rego. The only thing required for the rwc back then was 2 new tyres although the 2 replaced were like new they had a slight inside wear as zeds do and the roadworthy guys advised to do them but did not insist. I did them anyway as the rwc guy stated that he just doesn't see cars of this age without any issues and this clean. I had no time to drive it around so really didn't care as I dont have a lot of time but wanted the car mint incase I ever got the chance to drive (which I haven't lol). Club rego is due soon and still no time to drive so thats why I reposted but dont really car if it sells as she will just sit under wraps incase I ever get the time for a squirt.
  15. Byzance

    Byzance Member

    Hi Dave,
    Just wanted to check of you still have it and do you have any photos...

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