TAS 1992 JDM Z32 300ZX Twin-Turbo Targa Top 2+2 (also selling manual conversion)

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Cheddle, Oct 10, 2016.

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  1. Cheddle

    Cheddle New Member

    Bought this car after my ADM 300zx was written off with the intention of converting it to manual. After owning this car for just a short time it has become apparent that I do not have the time or money to deal with it. Will trade/swap with cash either way for a vehicle of interest (problem free - or minor issues).

    JDM 2+2 (4 seater) Targa top. car is tidy inside and out and presents very well.

    Car comes with a replacement turbocharger. The car blows oil smoke from the driver-side bank, it does it mainly once warm (hence the price) the problem was diagnosed by Autocraft as a turbo-seal. I don't want to see it go but its doing my head in keeping it :-( - The car is fine to drive it just blows offensive levels of blue/grey smoke 90% of the time once its warm

    List of modifications:
    pod filter
    twin 2.5inch dump-back catless exhaust system
    twin-blow off valves
    2-stage TurboX boost controller
    A/M front bar & wing
    Alarm w/ remote central locking
    cd player
    pillar mounted Boost & Oil pressure gauges

    Car has a new knock sensor and spark plugs.

    I can include the following items for an additional cost - these items will not be sold before the car is sold and if sold seperatley will be sold at a much higher price.

    91 NA: manual gearbox, tailshaft, clutch lever, HEL braided clutch line, gearshifter, shifter surround, flywheel, clutch, pressureplate, spigot bush and rear main seal:
    $900 (everything you need to manual convert it - DIY wiring, chop brake pedal, done)

    Alloy solid tank radiator:

    91 ADM VG30DE engine (perfect for a high-compression E85 turbo build - or responsive low boost 98oct. ):
    $400 (comes with altenator loom, use this subloom to make the manual conversion easier - this came from my crashed car and I can show a video of it running)

    350z 18inch alloys:

    300zx 16inch alloys:

    The whole lot:
    $7,000 or swapsies


  2. Cheddle

    Cheddle New Member

    compression test done and highest difference between cyls was 10%

    Price is dropped - Doing my head in keeping it :bash:

    Is insured for $10,000.

    $4,000 - car
    $4,300 - car with replacement turbo
    $5,200 - car, turbo and manual conversion kit
    $5,500 - car, turbo, manual conversion kit and good NA engine
    $5,800 - All the things (inc 350z wheels, alloy radiator, decent struts, and many other parts)
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