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  1. Stufarny

    Stufarny Stuart

    FOR SALE 1991 300ZX
    "SLICKTOP" Hardtop for those who dont know - without glass roof panels.
    Kilometres = 59,000 Genuine
    Colour = Cherry Red Metalic (overall like new)
    Seats = 2
    Transmission = Auto - new auto installed mid 2007, done only 4,000 k's, with aftermarket cooler - mechanic recommended that it be done rather than wait for it to breakdown.
    Engine - Non Turbo (P plate friendly) clean no oil leaks or faults. Diagnostics show code 55 all sensors ok.
    Interior - Unmarked thoughout, Tweed seats and interior as new, carpet as new, dash unmarked, Leather steering wheel like new.

    This car has been well serviced and maintained, garaged all its life here in Oz.
    Was imported and complied in 2000.
    Any one looking for an original "Unmollested" zed in excellent condition then this is it. The overall top condition of the car and the low kilometres confirm this car has had little use over the years. I have only done 3,500 ks in the last 12 months. Car needs absolutely nothing doing to it! - Just drive and enjoy!

    I park the car outside my shop, and often customers that walk into my shop, tell me the car looks like it just came out of the "showroom"!

    Fuel consumption is relative to factory figures. Runs on 98 Octane.

    Has had the major 100,000 kilometre service of Timing belt, water pump and fan belts, all fluids changed etc. in Feb 2008. This was done, as recommended by mechanic that the timing belt be changed every 5 years or 100,000 k's.

    Tyres done approx 5,000 k's.

    Rego paid to 28th November 2009

    Will be supplied with current Roadworthy Certificate.

    This is the fully optioned Jap spec Zed, with electric "everything", including seats, folding mirrors, auto aerial, windows, door locks, climate control, etc.

    Extra features:
    Dash gauge rings.
    Rear cargo blind
    Xenon HID globes in High & Low beam. HD globes in front parkers.
    Cd Player with new speakers fitted to original speaker cavities.
    Factory Front & Rear moulded mud flaps
    Fibreglass rear spoiler to lighten up the hatch.

    Reason for selling: I am purchasing a ute for work, plus I already have another sports car in the garage.
    I am a mature 49 year old male driver, I am very fussy and look after my cars, not thrash them.

    Price Negotiable at $15,000

    Car is located in Bendigo, Victoria.

    I can be contacted during business hours on (03) 5441 7900

    Can email current photos of any part of the car if you send me a PM (Personal Message) - might try to upload some pics on the weekend as I havent done it before on this site.

    Any further questions happy to answer them.

    Thanks for looking.






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  2. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    Any hasssles with the pics let e-mail them to me and I'll put them up. Sure sounds like a mint Z :D
  3. Stufarny

    Stufarny Stuart

    If your willing to do it for me then I will take some fresh pics over the weekend and email them to you.

    Can you send me your email address please.

  4. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

    by new auto, do you mean brand new from nissan?

    mmm tempting...
  5. Stufarny

    Stufarny Stuart

    It cost me $3,980!
  6. azzurro

    azzurro Boostin Outlaw


    Damn that sounds yummy. A word of advice please dont lower your price too much .... if a 59k zed goes for less than 15 grand it be a crime.. if you got patience then wait for the right buyer....

    Cant wait to see the pics... hope it finds a caring home. :zlove: good luck.
  7. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    certainly sounds to be one fine machine ... cannot wait to see the pics ....

    only one Q : why would an auto transmission require replacement after only 55,000kms ..???

    RENZED Girl in the black beast

    Oh no..Looks like I'm gonna be the only Bendigo member getting on here again :(..Good luck with the sale Stuart, and for a slicktop that is a good price...
    You should see my zed now..it's getting around with an unpainted front bar and ripped off spoiler lol..
  9. Stufarny

    Stufarny Stuart

    Black Baz

    In reply to your question . . . I understand that a common fault with autos is that after some time the Transmission coolant lines become either blocked or restricted which is due to age, rather than kilometres. The mechanic noticed something was odd in changing the coolant, and suspected some overheating of the auto. On further investigating he was right.
    So upon his recommendation the auto was stripped down and fully reconditioned using all genuine Nissan parts, apparently you cant replace any of the parts with aftermarket stuff he informed me, and hence the price.
    For extra insurance he also installed a new independant aftermarket oil cooler with new transmission lines.
    I've not had any problems with it since.

    On another note, I forgot to mention that I installed a new "Series 2 PTU" mid last year. I've heard too many stories about series 1 PTU's and didnt want to get stranded somewhere.

  10. Stufarny

    Stufarny Stuart

    Pics have been sent to "Chrispy" for loading on here - Thanks Mate.
  11. Stufarny

    Stufarny Stuart

    My mobile is 0418 269 246 for anyone wanting to call after hours.
    It's not turned on all the time, but keep trying.

  12. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    One bazillion pictures!





  13. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

  14. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

  15. MAX

    MAX Ex Zedder


    The stock look is awsome, good luck with the sale someone will get a terrific car there.
  16. pexzed

    pexzed Forum Administrator

    That is not true, although nothing wrong with OEM gear.
    No mechanic can know everything.

    Should last another 15 years now :)
  17. Stufarny

    Stufarny Stuart

    Bumpty Bump!

    Maybe I should advertise it with a blown a head gasket, or thrown a rod through the engine block and sell it as a "restorers dream" or a "do er uppa", seems to attract more interest that way.
    C'mon Guys n Gals, this is in "mint" condition, needs absolutely nothing spending on it!
    Your silence is deafening!
    Any offers or lookers here?

  18. sabrewolf

    sabrewolf New Member

    Immaculate slick-top or not, its still a non-turbo auto mate. Not having a go or anything but 15k is a very high price, 9 out of 10 good condition TT's wouldnt get that in todays market.
  19. kbro3

    kbro3 Baby oil technician.

    Mate that is an absolutely stunning example of a zed. If i didn't already have 2 zeds, I would be interested in this.

    Keep it as is mate, don't lower your price just yet. People are just not used to seeing pristine condition zeds with a higher price tag (the price tag is warranted). Trust me, the right buyer will come along and snap it up.

    Can I suggest perhaps you take some more interior photos and engine bay photos, can't hurt to show some more angles of the beauty. Also, is it up on Carsales / etc ?

    Good Luck with sale.

  20. aazn

    aazn New Member

    it still needs quite abit of work.. for that price i wouldnt pay for it... blown head gasket and its only got ~60,000k?

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