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Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Zedi KnightZ, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Zedi KnightZ

    Zedi KnightZ Member

    My beautiful white ZX has been great to me but my desire for a track car is within me, so time to move up. Much prefer for it to go to a good home like a forum member. Now to the good part, all the details.
    This car has been a weekend cruiser only (catch train to work in syd cbd) and has been on a number of forum cruises in syd.
    ? Custom Fit Floor Mats
    ? Z Logo Seat Covers
    ? New Centre Console
    ? New Hatch Area Trim
    ? JVC Sound System
    ? Remote Keyless Entry & Immobiliser
    ? Polished Gauge Rings
    ? Very Dark Window Tint
    ? Vehicle Polished and Waxed
    ? Engine Bay S/S Bolt Kit
    ? Silver Painted Centre Dash Console

    ? Chilli Brake Brace
    ? UAS Front Strut Brace
    ? UAS Rear Strut Brace
    ? K&N Air Pod
    ? GFB U/D Pulley
    ? Series II PTU
    ? New Koyo Radiator
    ? New upper/lower radiator hoses
    ? Bendix Front Brake Pads
    Throttle bodies cleaned


    The lower pin stripe is now 9mm and not the 6mm in photos. Front lower bar has been resprayed below opening.Car has OEM targa shades & bags, cargo blind and targa straps. Tyres have good tread and brake pads are less than 2k old.

    Car was purchased at 121,000 kms and has now travelled a grand total of 128,641 kms. Car has 12 months rego. 11/07/07.

    Price Is $17,500. The sale price also includes a UAS 2000 front bar and front nose panel. Both are unpainted/unfitted.

    Any queries Pm or call 0425 304 772. Please be patient with Pm's as i use my work computer.
  2. azzurro

    azzurro Boostin Outlaw

    did u mention is aussie delivered!

    well worth the cash for a 125,000km aussie made zed...

    thats true value.. good luck with the sale.
  3. bigbaz

    bigbaz New Member

    Waht you also forgot to mention is in regards to the desire for a track car, now i am going to assume that it will be a TT zed and that you will be sticking around, would i be correct in assuming this
  4. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    What the Hell are you doing Bruce? Please tell me you're not abandoning the Zed Brigade.
  5. Zedi KnightZ

    Zedi KnightZ Member

    No my good friend. As i am in Rome im simply doing what the Romans do - get a TT. The bug has bitten and i would dearly luv to have a track car to play with. Having said that i wont give my baby away and if it doesnt sell not to worry the track dream will still b there.
    And yes Azzuro it is an Aussie delivered and thanks for the comments.
    Bigbaz ur correct. would luv a TT track car and yes i will still be around.

  6. Zedi KnightZ

    Zedi KnightZ Member

    bumpity bump cause it says i have to!

  7. Zedi KnightZ

    Zedi KnightZ Member


  8. Zedi KnightZ

    Zedi KnightZ Member

    Price drop as extra front bar/nose panel sold. $16,500.

  9. Swifty Devil

    Swifty Devil Member

    no offence mate but no-one is gonna pay that price unless it was a TT and manual despite its condition people just dont pay that cash for an NA my mate sold his 300zx TT in immaculate condition 115,000ks completely serviced turbos had done 20,000ks and a transmission serviced for $14,000

    i think the going price starts at about 7k for NAs and goes to 14k max, i suggest about 12k is a fair price figure
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  10. Zedi KnightZ

    Zedi KnightZ Member

    No offence taken so dont be offended when i say who made you the car valuer guru of the zed world. I dont tell you what to do with your car so dont tell me what i should or shouldnt do with mine. By the way its my car and i will put what ever fuckin price i want to. Alright with you.

  11. bigbaz

    bigbaz New Member

    Zed prices have been going up in sydney and its about time people started selling zeds for a higher price, these cars are worth so much more than that but we flog them off like they were any other car, these are a classic and its about time all the cheap zeds came off the market and put the price up on these babies, keep doin what you are doin Bruce, good luck with the sale and hold true, this is a beautiful car and worth every cent
  12. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    ask the price you want mate

    i have seen your car, immaculate is the only word to describe it. plus it is an aus-spec, none of this jap import crap. if i was selling my aus-spec i would not accept less than 16K
  13. Swifty Devil

    Swifty Devil Member

    correction he sold it for $12k and it was a 92 after sitting in the paper and internet for 6 weeks and i can say immac car, this is SA though zed haven
    if u can find a buyer then no problems i just dont think its gonna be easy if ur willing to wait a while and u want that price then ull come across someone
  14. Mayhem

    Mayhem New Member

    Whatever price you feel like

    Hey iv been asking too much for my Z for months, but i dont really care, advertise it for what you want mate, the worst that can happen is you keep your baby for a little longer and that doesnt seem like such a bad thing, hell the longer mine doesnt sell, the more im inclined to keep it :zlove: .

  15. Zedi KnightZ

    Zedi KnightZ Member

    Hey Andrew where you been. Long time no see and hows the winged beast of yours going.


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