ACT 1991 2+0 NA Auto

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Blissfully, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Blissfully

    Blissfully U wot m8

    Year: 1991
    Body (2+0/2+2): 2+0
    Colour: Gun-metal grey
    Engine (Turbo/NA): NA
    Transmission (MT/AT): AT
    Interior (Cloth/Leather): Leather
    Odometer: 111000
    Price: $4300
    Contact Details: 0413 143 zero-eight-eight

    Non-turbo 300zx. Pretty good condition all round. Just replaced the alternator as the previous one was overcharging the battery. New battery aswell. It has a few small issues, mainly an electrical short caused by a bad alarm installation, so the A/C control pod fuse keeps blowing. This is why theres duct tape on the vents in the photos, as hot air from the engine bay drafts through the vents after a while of constant driving. Also has a pretty bad power steering leak, but I have new high and low pressure hoses + reservoir to go in, I just havnt had time to do it yet. Passed rego as is about 3 weeks ago.

    Its pretty stock all round. Leather seats, targa top, stock exhaust system with no rust. Has enkei rp01 wheels worth around $800 second hand for the set. The paint is pretty immaculate except for a small scrape on the rear bumber, the front guard is a little bit bent, and theres some fading on the roof that would definetly buff out.

    Full kenwood sound system worth a fair amount aswell, including sub and amp.

    It has the rare factory-optioned Aromafine air freshener centre console, which is still in perfect working condition, and a front bumper antenna, another rare option. Its currently unplugged though.

    Ive just spent around $1500 in the last few weeks fixing the car up, as it had some issues previously.

    111000 kms.

    Unfortunately I've gotta sell it pretty quickly as I'm about to move to melbourne for uni.
  2. 8300zx9

    8300zx9 Active Member

    Looks like a nice NA there....Bring it to Melbourne with you?
  3. Blissfully

    Blissfully U wot m8

    Yeah it's been a great car. I would take it with me but I'll be moving into an apartment in the city with no parking spaces. Ill definelty be buying another zed once I get settled in though :D
  4. Vader

    Vader Just another guy

    FYI the "front bumper mounted antenna" isn't an antenna at all. It is a guide to help you see where the front of the car is when parking in tight spaces.
  5. Blissfully

    Blissfully U wot m8

    Haha yeah I know what it is, I just couldn't think of another word to describe it.
  6. Blissfully

    Blissfully U wot m8

    I should also add that I may be interested in a swap for a 2+2 (AT/MT,TT,NA anything), as I could leave it in canberra for my brother perhaps.
  7. aazn

    aazn New Member

    would you drive it down to melb and ill buy it off you.. when you moving down? ill see if i still have funds then.
  8. Blissfully

    Blissfully U wot m8

    I've gotta go down to Melbourne in the near future to suss out an apartment and everything so i could drive it down then? Only thing is you'd have to be pretty certain on buying it that's all.
  9. aazn

    aazn New Member

    My mistake thought your car was a 89 mmodel. Sorry.

    Currently after a 89 model.

    .gl with sale.

    2 hours and you would have the power steering problem fixed. 2 hours with someone who knows alarms will get your short fixed.

    Bargain buy.
  10. Blissfully

    Blissfully U wot m8

    Price drop, I'll take $4100 for it no dramas. Will also put 3 months rego on it before sale.
  11. Blissfully

    Blissfully U wot m8

    Just put fresh 3 months on it! Need to sell asap so i can buy another zed in the time before i move to melbourne haha
  12. Blissfully

    Blissfully U wot m8

    Interior photos
  13. Blissfully

    Blissfully U wot m8

    couple of extra goodies now ;)
  14. Blissfully

    Blissfully U wot m8

    It's a sad day but the car is now sold :(

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