VIC 1990 z32 NA manual. (sale/trade)

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by hukie90, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?

    hey everyone, i absolutely love my zed, the only reason im selling it is basically because i wanta 2+2, so any reasonable 2+2's that are for sale im willing to also trade for.

    Year: 1990
    Body (2+0/2+2): z32 2+0
    Colour: silver
    Engine (Turbo/NA): NA 3.0
    Transmission (MT/AT): MT
    Interior (Cloth/Leather): leather
    Odometer: 142,xxx
    Price: 8,200 - if traded for 2+2 cash swap over as well if needed.
    Contact Details: 0434 245 632, call or msg.
    Work done on the car:
    - Plenum pull (including) - sealed cam covers
    - new heater hoses
    - coolant bypass
    - cleaned injectors
    - cleaned connectors
    - + a few other things i cant remember
    (all above was done by forum member badxtc, great job done to ;))
    - 100k service done at 98,000 k's (tag in engine bay)
    - service/tune (by shop in werribee)
    - 1,000k old alternator, brand new genuine nissan ($395)
    - 10 months rego left
    - only got road worthied 9 months ago
    - not much at all to get it roadworthied.

    im more looking for a trade for a 2+2, but i am also open to offers as i will save more to get a nice aus spec 2+2 like some for sale on this forum atm.
    i do have all of the paper work from japan and all of the import paper work with alot of recipts with other work done to the car including the zorst, new hoses, new heater core hose etc.

    im located in vic - werribee if anyone wants to have a look :) cheers
    (i may have forgotten a few things so ask questions!)

    pics will be posted up tonight.
  2. lobsta

    lobsta Godlike Member

    daniel your crazy!!!!!:eek:
    i spent months and months being patient waiting to find a 2+0 to buy and your selling??:confused:

    im sure there is a very logical explanation tho....
  3. lobsta

    lobsta Godlike Member

    btw ive seen the car and its in good nic for any1 whos interested checking it out. worth an inspection
  4. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    oh i so want one!

    no chris - must finish dato first....

    so many contradictions...

    cant wait to see the pics...

    sorry for my ramble...:zlove:
  5. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?

    ;P dude i just love 2+2's, i need the space (even though ppl say they dont have alot of space in 2+2's, my dad's has plently imo) and i love the way they look, look at my post about the 2+2.

    but yea ill be putting pics up later tonight :)
  6. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?

    it also has the blue glow up 300zx panel :)
  7. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?


    hey all, here it is, i will have pics up of the 300zx glow panel tomorrow night :)
  8. Mikkazx

    Mikkazx Roket Z

    WHAT! You've lost the plot mate lol. How can you sell this thing? I put so many swear words into it changing your alternator. Sentimental value man haha :p
  9. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?

    hahhaha sorry dude, i just really need a 4 seater! but thank you again for all the help and how many countless times id be like hey mitchov what u doing :) ahahha now ur not around the corner! u suck!

  10. Mikkazx

    Mikkazx Roket Z

    Ripp out the parcel shelf and install some seats... easy fix :p

  11. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?

    lol, i dont even really wanna sell it, i just want a trade! but if i cant sell it within a month or 2, ill keep it for sure :) definatly keeping a 300zx of some sort!

  12. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?

    no one at all been interested in a trade?
  13. zenx 300zx

    zenx 300zx New Member

    hey dan keep the car theres nothing wrong with it , listern to ya dad boy
    get the wheels , give it a good clean up n she;ll be sweet , you know the car now , listren to ya dad boy .:bash:
  14. zenx 300zx

    zenx 300zx New Member

  15. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?

    also.... i forgot to mention, the car did come with tanabe adjustable suspension.
  16. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?

  17. God-Man

    God-Man New Member

    Want to sell your suspension :p?
  18. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?

    nooooope :) it will go with the car ! :)
  19. QuickSilver

    QuickSilver Member

    hey there any luck with sale or trade car looks in great nick and just what i am looking for. did you use it as a daily driver if so how did it go ?? i have had 2 zeds before and 1st one use to over heat every now and then and also is the 8200?? that seems stupidly low for such a great looking car
  20. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?

    hey mate, yea it is actually my daily, i think 8200 is a reasonable price with what work i have done to it, i really need more room in my car now for work and just going out. but she goes very nicely mate.

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