1990 TT - 5 Speed - Gun metal

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Leon, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Leon

    Leon New Member

    Hey guys,

    Well unfortunetely I'll be doing my pHD, so to pay for that *sobs* my ZED may have to be sold :O(


    Specs of my car are Below:
    1990 Nissan 300ZX 3.0 litre 2+2 (4-seater) coupe
    5 speed
    129,000 kms
    Gunmetal grey
    Targa top
    Leather seats
    ABS brakes
    Aftermarket front spoiler
    All power options and airconditioning

    And since arriving in Australia:
    - VIPER Alarm, Immobiliser and remote start
    - Fistidious maintenance work done, including timing belt, and wheel hubs - Respray of some small scratches around body
    - Majority highway KM's

    ASKING: $12,000
    SPENT: $17,000+ (All reciepts can be provided)
  2. OzJustin

    OzJustin Member

    How much of the major maintenance has been done?

    By the looks of things the 100 000k service has been done [engine bay plate]?
    Has the car had a plenum bypass etc done?
  3. zed4life (zedcare.com)

    zed4life (zedcare.com) Ω vicarious zedder Ω

    $12K is pretty good for this combo... I wouldn't muck around

    too much. This one will sell quick...
  4. Leon

    Leon New Member

    Re: $12K is pretty good for this combo... I wouldn't muck around

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to let you know it looks like I have a buyer - so thanks to all those that showed interested.



    BIG BOOST New Member


    pm sent.. please reply asap :thumbsup:
  6. Leon

    Leon New Member


    Hey everyone,

    I may still repost this, but the original buyer has decided Ballarat is too far from where he is (Brisbane), so this car is back on the market, same price at 12,000.

    Some things not originally mentioned:

    - Interior Brushed Alumium kit (from forums)
    - Stainless steel side cills (from forums)
    - Currently has Pioneer stereo, with JBL 6"9 speakers, which are individually boxed, not drilled in car
    - There are cracks on front spoiler - pictures can be provided, I was looking at replacing it before realising I had to sell
  7. Bacon

    Bacon New Member


    Targa Top....Check
    Gunmetal Grey....Check
    $12,000.... Cheap!

    My Dream Zed :zlove:

    Can you post pictures of the Spoiler, just to show the damage
    Also can you show some pictures taken by yourself? These look a lot like the ones taken in a Japanese Car lot (The importer's photos)
  8. Leon

    Leon New Member

    Re: !

    Yeah sure I already have photo's of everything your talking about, taken by me just yesterday ^_^

    Would you like pass me your email via PM or post?


  9. Bacon

    Bacon New Member


    Might have to get a loan out while i sell my car :p

    Nice looking car, only problems seen from the pics were a small tear (cant even call it a tear, a crack maybe) in the seat and a small crack in front guard.

    Has the 100km service been completed and are you SURE there arent any catches with the car :p (for the price your asking for there would have to be some catche)
  10. Leon

    Leon New Member

    Re: PM

    I'm sick of people asking me whether this car has a catch! I wish there was a catch so I didn't feel bad selling it! Everyone who has test drived it has loved it!

    I'm getting such an unbelievable amount of people emailing me for more information I'm just going to give you the 100% honest, overload of information.

    I can't see how many more photo's I could take! However if you want more, email me, I have close ups of the wheels, tires, interior, each exhaust pipe, the front, from several angles. Remember this car is basically stock - don't expect to see expensive after market parts installed, I've kept this car stock because to me it's been more reliable and cheaper to maintain and run.

    I just don't want to rip anybody off, or else I'd price it higher! I was reading posts from other people and they were getting annoyed with people posting $14,000 and trying to sell it until it goes down till $12,000.

    The engine has been maintained regularly since getting to AUS, and it has had the timing belt done by Computech in Ballarat. I"m not sure if it had an official 100KM service in JAPAN as well, because one person who inspected think it had, it has a stainless steel badge over the motor saying '100,000 km' with Japanese writing, and the motor sure does look clean.

    I think the left turbo has a seal problem because it is burning small amounts of oil (says mechanic), however not worth replacing because it still works great (just test drive it). The turbo should still have heaps in it. I have mentioned it in person to every test driver, who don't seem to care, i was thinking it may go after 20,000-30,000 km's. It's probably going to get another inspection from a Zed specialist from melbourne, I'll post his comments up here (both good/bad or otherwise) for everyone to read.

    Sometimes in the morning the lifters stick a bit, but after about 20 seconds that ticking sound goes, my mechanic was looking at an 'oil flush' to fix that up, but said probably not worth it yet. At the moment it takes 420-440 KM to a tank on the highway (taking it easy), and probably 100-150KM less around town.

    If anybody wants the FULL financial history of this car it can be emailed if required, with each cost I've spent spelt out, which includes engine and body work.

    For those that don't want to check my profile my email is newnham@gmail.com, email me and I'll be totally honest with you about the car - as you can see above I have nothing to hide.


  11. OzJustin

    OzJustin Member

    From all the above mentioned this car seems very appealing

    Too bad I don't live in Victoria :( Move up to Brisbane :LOL:
  12. sabrewolf

    sabrewolf New Member

    Seems like a damn good buy

    2 months ago I wouldve taken it off your hands in no time flat. However things have changed.

    Good to see an honest poster asking an honest price :zlove:
  13. Leon

    Leon New Member

    Re: Seems like a damn good buy

    Yeah thanks for the comments ^_^
    I still love the car, if it doesn't sell I'll probably wait for that turbo to die, then put a pair of Garett's on it, and fund my PHD some other way heh.

    NEW TAG: DOCTOR ZED ahhaa.

    - Leon

    ZDUCTIV Active Member

    Re: Seems like a damn good buy

    Nice Z. Good luck with the sale.

    Think you will have problems with the wheel police.
  15. Leon

    Leon New Member

    Re: Seems like a damn good buy

    Lol the wheel police? Do you mean because their standard?
  16. markgibbons

    markgibbons New Member


    If this was in in sydney, i'd be handing over cash right now.
    I wish i could risk just bringing her down in freight!
  17. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    then get to ballarat

    ... if you are really interested ....!!!
  18. QuickSilver

    QuickSilver Member

    Qucik Someone

    someone better get this quick it is top buy and you have an honest dealer by the sounds of things

    any chance you could send a photo of the boot with the 6x9 interested in how you put them in.....cheers:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  19. HaylZ

    HaylZ Shaven Haven


    Same thing... if it was a couple of months ago i would have taken it! i'd have driven down to Ballarat in no time! I looked for a manual for about 4 months and ended up settling for auto!!

    Wanna swap?:thumbsup:
  20. Bacon

    Bacon New Member

    Still tempted

    Still tempted to buy this car but im a little worried about the Kms from a full tank. Are you sure its not higher then 400kms/tank cause thats a bit worrying

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