VIC 1990 Red N/A Slicktop

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  1. BT300zx

    BT300zx Member

    Here is a 1990 Fairlady Z Slicktop , Naturally Aspirated Manual.
    Vin# 6T91MPV97Y2BSH005
    Contact Brent on 0408979740
    This car was purchased for a client's son who has reneged so its now up for sale. The car was initially purchased with the intention of restoring but after the completing the mechanicals and interior, the customer has changed their mind.
    Originally, a P-plater approved sports performance vehicle was the goal. Being a slicktop, this is the lightest and stiffest chassis that were limited production units made which makes it the rarer Z32-This was the car you purchased in japan to race in production classes where luxury embellishments were second to performance and still looks stunning 25 years on.
    Starting with the motor, the engine has been completely resealed with genuine nissan head gaskets and new headbolts. Heads were rebuilt with Turbo Valve Springs but otherwise stock equipment. The block has 138xxxkms and passed inspection hence just a head and seal job to refresh it. Brand new waterpump, thermostat, spark plugs, oil & fuel filters, engine mounts, timing belt and pulley kit, and a paint job to to make it look swish!
    Refurbished PTU (spark igniter), alternator, statermotor, A/C compressor. The usual under plenum deletes have been done. EGR system removed & any additional vaccum & coolant lines have all been bypassed and/or replaced. Oil and coolant systems have been flushed and refilled. Catback exhaust w/ Jasma Rear Mufflers (sounds like a 90's japanese v6 should).
    Engine is mated to a lightened flywheel with Exedy H/duty clutch kit w/ new thrust bearing, hardened fork pivot bolt. Rebuilt shifter w/ shift bushes. Gearbox is smooth and solid when shifting gears, no noise or crunch engaging any gear.
    New tailshaft centre bearing leading to the rear Nismo 1.5 way mechanical diff. Car is great to drive and fun to sqeeze out of a corner. Very responsive and smooth.
    Tein superstreet coilovers all round w/ height and damper adjustment. Car has 18x8 F / 18x9 R Stern Wheels w/ kuhmo ecsta rear tyres (virtually new). Front slotted rotors. The interior has been put back to stock (had gauges and gadgets all over). Relatively clean with usual wear and tear for its age. Couple scratches amd marks in the cockpit, little bit worse in the boot. Pair of Drift CarbonFibre backed racing seats on modified standard sliding rails. Car was broken into and trashed so external key barrels are damaged and need replacing. Car has Alpine Type S Component Speakers in front and will be fitted with Alpine Radio/CD/USB media unit (not pictured but currently awaiting install).
    The only thing that lets this car down is the exterior, the car has had a respray in its life which is evident by the color fading to different tones. Overall the car is pretty straight both panelwise and underneath. Couple of dints and dengs but nothing major for its age. Worst panel is the tailgate, the original spoiler has started rusting were the bolt holes are. At purchasers request, a replacment hatch can be supplied which is rust free, just finsihed in black. Any other original componentry may be supplied with sale (i have a few spares of everything). It was due to get a full respray but unfortunately never made the next stage of restoration.
    Apart from body the other "needs attentiom" items are the heater core was bypassed and i can only assume its compromised (needing replacement) and an A/C line missing in the front of vehicle-So no heating or cooling.
    The car was somebody's pride and joy at some point in its life but has been left outside to the ravages of the environment for too long before i found it. This car has been mechanically brought up to spec and just needs a final few items & work to bring it back to 100%. RWC supplied in the asking price. I build, restore, wreck & repair japanese cars in my spare time. I appreciate the age and faults with this particular vehicle at this stage of build and an open to negotiations. Car is at a workshop and can be inspected at request. Thanks for viewing

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  2. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    You will need to put a price on it or the mods can and will remove the ad if you don't.
  3. BT300zx

    BT300zx Member

    Price $7000 with RWC. Open to Negotiations.

    QLDZDR ID=David

    Hope you got a non refundable deposit.

    are those the staggered 17" Stern 3 piece wheels.
    8.5" and 9.5" that were a really expensive dealer option, back in the day?

    Look like mine
  5. BT300zx

    BT300zx Member

    Thanks for that. The wheels are actually 235/45R17 Front and 255/40R17 Rear. So NOT 18in like suggested I the original add.
  6. BT300zx

    BT300zx Member

    Price Drop $5500 as is, No Rwc
  7. East Coast Z

    East Coast Z Well-Known Member

    In your opening post you stated.

    "Heads were rebuilt with Turbo Valve Springs but otherwise stock equipment."

    Unfortunately, there aren't any Turbo Valve Springs. :eek:

    According to Nissan FAST
    Part No. 13203-58S00 valve springs are used on both the intake & exhaust valves in NA & TT engines.
  8. BT300zx

    BT300zx Member

    Then i guess the people at the engine shop probably put heavier springs intended for the turbo motors when hi revs and boost were the goal of the engine build before repurposing for this vehicle.
  9. BT300zx

    BT300zx Member

    Vehicle no longer available. Sold!
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