1990 300ZX Fairlady

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Charmaine Schafer, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Charmaine Schafer

    Charmaine Schafer New Member

    Item Name: 300ZX Fairlady Twin Turbo Import
    Item Price: $12,500
    Item Condition: Immaculate condition
    Item Description: Red exterior with black leather seats.
    Item Location: Stowport, Tasmania
    Will Freight Y/N: N
    Cost of Freight:

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  2. jylie

    jylie New Member

    Can you add some more info please? E.g. Manual or Auto?
  3. Charmaine Schafer

    Charmaine Schafer New Member

    My apologies, this is Auto and I omitted mileage as well. Has done 118,500 genuine kilometres.
  4. KEZA

    KEZA Zed Fiend

    A few more photos wouldn't be too bad either. ie: Engine Bay, Interior, 2 or 4 Seats etc. Any modification that have been done or that you know of etc will help your sale as well.
    Looks quite nice though, I must admit. :)
    Cheers Keza
  5. Charmaine Schafer

    Charmaine Schafer New Member

    Hi Keza, thanks for your comment. I am a bit tech challenged, lol and must ask how to upload more photos into my original for sale post. I do have all the photos you mention. There have been no mods except for the new wheels. Cheers Charmaine
  6. KEZA

    KEZA Zed Fiend

    Hi Charmaine,
    If you look in the Search Forum section, I'm sure you will find what your looking for, or alternatively post a question to a Moderator.
    Keza (Kerry)

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