VIC 1990 2+2 TT manual

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by topher, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. topher

    topher Banned

    I have for sale my 1990 300zx 2+2 TT manual 300zx. It was originally a non turbo so it has the non turbo diff in it. Gearbox is a TT gearbox.

    This is an EOI on wether i should sell it (or just part it out) as it has some problems

    Good parts:
    Enkei RP03 rims with new tyres
    Apexi AVCR boost controller
    Apexi Neo AFC
    Pioneer Sound system (DVD Headunit, splits, sub etc)
    Koyo radiator. I think it's 56mm
    Fron mount intercooler
    3" turbo back exhaust (both sides)
    Removed rear spoiler

    Bad parts:
    Car was about to be resprayed so it has been bogged up. Will need a spray
    Front bumper is cracked
    Engine needs the 100k service done (idler bearings jsut started making noise 2 days ago, so i am no longer driving or wanting to fix hence sale)
    The passenger side targa, the interior bit is sagging off it
    Tailshaft vibration
    4th gear crunch

    Things i am throwing in with it:
    Paint (devil yellow same as monaro), clear, hardener etc.. everything needed to spray
    Nismo Clear side indicators
    A bomex front bar to replace the cracked one.

    Apart from that the car runs well and made 220rwkw on 13psi

    I am looking for 7k ONO. If i can not get the price i am looking for i will part it out
    Pics to come soon
  2. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    please tell me this isnt so abdul :(
  3. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    can we see some pics please ??
  4. topher

    topher Banned

    Forgot to mention it has custom plates and rego until september. The headunit is also a touch screen :) Also don't forget this has an NA diff and no HICAS etc. I am willing to go down on price.. just hit me up with an offer people... i kinda need this gone asap so i can put the money towards another car :)

  5. topher

    topher Banned

    price drop to 6k
  6. directzx

    directzx New Member

    hey mate, my dad interested in your zed...

    can you get a mechanic to give the car a once over and possibly a compression test ?
    if you can get those done then he will be looking at making an offer.

    let me know
  7. topher

    topher Banned

    No worries mate, will get it checked out after the easter holidays when everyone is back at work. Upon closer inspection i think the noise is the power steering pump
  8. Zxryan

    Zxryan New Member

    hmm where about in vic is it, i wouldn't mind having a look at it.are you selling it with out reg im guessing.
  9. topher

    topher Banned

    Rowville and yes.
  10. directzx

    directzx New Member

    hi mate, would you take $5000 for it, could possibly arrange to have it picked up by a flatbed sometime next week.

    a few more pics would be nice, any chance of getting some "whole car" pics and some more of the interior.

    i'm thinking about grabbing this, doing the service and spraying it for my old man before i move...
  11. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

  12. directzx

    directzx New Member

    notice the price drop.... i was only asking, if he dosnt accept i will see what i can do...
  13. topher

    topher Banned

    I'll take a few more pics tomorrow for you :)
  14. topher

    topher Banned

    PM sent directzx
  15. JD-3193

    JD-3193 New Member


    How much do you think it would cost me in total to get it resprayed in black and fixed up?
    Would you charge less if you didn't include the paint?
  16. topher

    topher Banned

    Would anyone be interested in this thing if i got it sprayed? Would just need that noisy powersteering pump replaced and a new tailshaft and you will have one nice zed.

    Would be looking for $9,000 with a spray
  17. JD-3193

    JD-3193 New Member

    I would only buy it if it was unsprayed. Unless you feel like spraying it in Lamborghini Green :p

    Still very interested but finding it hard to source that much cash so quickly :(
  18. topher

    topher Banned

    no worries, i have decided not to part it out and rather sell as a whole (much easier for me) so it will just sit in the garage until it's sold. Should give you some time. I am picking up my new car next week :)
  19. JD-3193

    JD-3193 New Member


    Well I'll see how I go with the money situation. Could be a few months but if you've still got the car I'll snap it up :zlove:
  20. topher

    topher Banned

    No worries. Also the 9k offer stands with the p/s pump fixed and a spray. needs a tailshaft and good to go:cool2:
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