1986 Z31 300zx Zenki 2+2 Restoration

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    I purchased this straight 1986 Z31 300zx Zenki 2+2 factory Manual a few weeks ago now off the son of an older gentleman who passed away recently, it was road registered in QLD up until 2014.

    Engine: The (VG30ET) engine starts and runs, it has a miss though which i will be attending to this weekend with new plugs and leads, new fuel. I'm giving her a service, new oil, new oil/fuel/air filter. Also going to run through some injector cleaner and Carbon cleaner as well. There is more things which i will look at doing within the month like new hoses, O2 sensor, fuel regulator, coolant temp sensor, clean map sensor and throttle body. Another time i plan on doing timing belt and water pump. Iv driven the car briefly and it boosts very nicely.

    Removing: A/C (Removed), Cruise control. And over time focus on making the engine bay cleaner, painting manifold cover back to factory look and painting rocker covers back to a fresh red, whilst replacing any hoses and other parts to make the engine bay look clean as possible.

    Suspension: Getting S13 Coilovers fabricated to fit in the front and rear within the month.

    Wheels: BBS R1's Gold Mesh (17x8.5 Fronts) and 17x9.5 Rear).

    Interior: The previous owner had all the seats re upholstered black and red which i can deal with as the car will be red, he went overkill and sprayed steering wheel, gear stick and boot, Ash Tray, Centre Consol, door handles and door cards red. Iv removed the red from the steering wheel and gear stick, will be removing all other red from the interior besides the seats.

    Body: The body has no rust, but the paint job is looking a bit tired, the white stickers are not factory either so i will be getting a full respray in a fresh factory red, removing the white stickers and bringing back the factory black trimming around the front bumper, up the sides of the car and on the rear bumper. I am also in search for a rear black boot spoiler which i will be adding to the look of the car.

    I will be doing all of these mods within 2 months and leaving the paint job until last.
    The goal is to have a stock/factory looking body on a nice set of wheels with stance and have the car road registered to be driving once or twice a week and to car meets, i will be looking after the motor, wont be hitting any high RPM's like my old S15, i have no intentions of selling this old girl at all, will be one i keep and hand down to my kids one day.

    I wasn't originally looking for a Z31 (I had forgotten they actually existed), was looking for an AE86 Sprinter until this popped up and i instantly fell in love. Because of this i'm a 300ZX beginner and would appreciate any support/tips or advice on helping me get this beauty on the road in the best condition possible.
    Also if anyone knows a bit about the history of these cars and how rare mine might be being a Turbo Manual.

    Few pics below and as i progress with my Restoration i will continue to post updates for everyone.










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    Don't know a great deal about these. They had injector faults which caused them to leak and cause engine fires. Id say surviving this long this one got the fix. Might have something to do with the misfire?

    If i came across this id be looking to keep it original there isn't too many left. I cant see in the short term they turning into a mega dollar JDM cars, but its always cool to see an original anything after they die off.
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    Yeh iv heard about the engine fire problem, il be prepared for that if that ever happened, the old boy who had it most of his life i was told that him and his mate use to work on the motor all the time, its only done 150,000km, sounds healthy, i dont thik the miss fire has anything to do with the injectors, its been sitting for 3 years so probably stale fuel, plugs or leads which il be replacing this week along with everything else mentioned. Yeh going to keep the body and interior stock, only thing that will look modified will be the coilovers and wheels but will of course keep all the original parts for it. I see a few Auto N/A's floating around but havnt seen any other Manual Turbo's anywhere, i think that combination makes it alot more desirable than the Auto N/A's. Youll be seeing this old girl getting around in years to come looking mint.
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    If i was you, i would drain the fuel and drop the tank out and remove the internal fuel filter and clean it out and flush all the old lines and tank. Replace the tanks o-rings as well. Get new hoses for everything or get them made up by pirtek or someone similar.
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    I also have a 1986 Z31 Turbo. Have custom fuel rails/Bosch top feed injectors , high flowed turbo, Nistune and a few other mods. Converted to manual. image.jpeg

    These are highly underrated cars, Japan's first commercially produced V6. All Z31's released from 86-89 in Australia were turbo's , most were auto's.
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