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Discussion in 'Technical' started by cappa08, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. cappa08

    cappa08 New Member

    hello just a quick question sorry if its in the wrong spot.
    just need clarification on the 100k service,
    is there any problems if a zed has done lets say 150,000ks but still needs a 100k service, any mechanical issue that could arise?

    thanks cappa
  2. 300ZXC


    If the 100,000km service hasn't ever been done before.
    The timing belt could seize/snap and the engine would go boom.
    Along with a lot of other things that are not good.
    Hope that helps

    URHYNS Well-Known Member

    100k Service means... 100,000 kilometre service.
    In other words, when your car hits 99,000 ---> you do it.
    If you bought the car at 100,000+ and it hasnt been done, DO IT.
    If not, sell it and by a Camry.
  4. 300ZXC


    Thank god someone else posted up in here. I was beginning to think nobody else cared if a Z died :p
    Elie is quite thoroughly correct here cappa (Mainly cause he's agreeing with me though).
    The End.
  5. WazTTed

    WazTTed Grease Monkey

    i had coolant hoses that attach to the water hard pipes fail on mine at 90k (on the clock from japan) needless 2 mention that all jap cars are wound back...
  6. awgazm

    awgazm Active Member

    is this a serious question?? honestly common sense is lost
  7. cappa08

    cappa08 New Member

    well a car that i was looking at hasn't had it done and its way over 100ks so i know to stay clear of that.
    thanks for the help.
    and relax awegazm dont know alot about this stuff, dont shoot me
  8. awgazm

    awgazm Active Member

    well its just obvious that if its 50,000km over due for a service, then there would be issues...

    TWIN TERROR Well-Known Member

    cappa08 , if it has not had the 100k service and it has done over 100k , well yes it should be done a.s.a.p . It does not mean the the motor will explode or it has major issues it is just that it hasn't been serviced correctly.Now how we all read this depends on the reader. I don't look at it as someone has neglected the car as it may have had regular oil / filter changes just that for what ever reason the $$$ the previous owner didn't do it. I would look at the whole car as to what it represents for the asking price and is the motor clean and running nicely if not offer less than the asking price.But as i said do the 100k a.s.a.p as if the timing belt snaps it will wreck the motor. Good cars have been bought that have not had the 100k done before and will continue to be just take care , maybe ask someone to take a look with you that knows Z's.
    Cheers Dave
  10. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    .. if the vehicle is in good condition, use the lack of the 100kkm service as a bargaining tool ... parts and labour for the 100kkm service is worth $1400-$1500 .....
  11. red300zx

    red300zx New Member

    hi it is very important that the 100,000 service is done to your car i ve been in the automotive field for 40 years and please trust me when i tell you that if the timing belt is not changed in the 100,000 service it could snap. the vg30dett twin turbo and non turbo engines are termed as INTERFERENCE ENGINES which means that if the timing belt snaps the engine will keep running hence bending valves and rods which could cost $000,s to repair. I did mine at 95,000 and it will be a good idea if you buy a timing belt kit which includes the pulleys and tensioner, also i replaced the water pump which is in the same area and easy to change at this time. I hope this helps you, .. but have no doubt this IS an interference engine and you might want to look at the web sites etc to explain the damages caused to these engines when the timing belt snaps...regards lou
  12. Altari

    Altari '89 2+2 TT Manual

    Much cheaper if you do it yourself. I speak from experience :p
  13. aazn

    aazn New Member

    well even if i had a zed with 60,000 km on it i would still do it..

    you wonder why in logbooks it says 10,000km or 6 months whichever comes first?

    it works out to 100,000 or 5 years. that means the belt still wears out (may dry and crack)..

    i would never trust the km's on an imported car.
  14. tassiezed

    tassiezed Senior Member

    Regarding age of belt

    I got a bit of a shock when I had an inspection done today, to find out about a 5-year life for a cam belt, something I must admit I'd never read before. It's particularly relevant for me as my car had its belt done in 2005 at 100k and has only 123k on it now, but apparently I should have another "100k service" done soon?
    My car hasn't sat around in that time, it just has not been driven all that far, as a second car.
    What do other members feel about the importance of the "5 year life of a cambelt"?
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  15. AndyMac

    AndyMac Better than you

    You should all feel glad you don't own a testerossa. Timing belt change every 15,000km's, and it's engine out.
  16. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    I'd be changing it. It's only $80 or so plus a few hours work. A timing belt will last a lot longer than 5 years, but why tempt fate, specially if you have a big $$ engine.

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