1/4 mile and gears

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by GOTTAGO, Jul 14, 2012.


    GOTTAGO New Member

    Just like to know how many gears people go though at the Drags.:br:
  2. SRB-2NV


    Have to select 4th before the finish. NA 4.08:1 gears.

    GOTTAGO New Member

    I never hit forth gear, but will be next time I go.
  4. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    I used to keep it in 3rd in the NA and hit the limiter just as I passed the line. But you are running quicker times than I used to.
  5. Romonski

    Romonski And Justice For All

  6. boo5t

    boo5t Member

    4th ...so close to the line to but not close enough to warrant holding it at redline.
  7. boo5t

    boo5t Member

    P.s gottago have you not hit somewhere in the mid 12's before i am sure you need to hit fourth to be in the 12's at around the 175-180 km trap speed...i could be wrong.... :br::br:
  8. Z32 TT

    Z32 TT Active Member

    super duper fast forth gained me some mph as i was just smashing the limiter for far too long in third.
  9. foremannz

    foremannz New Member

    Even with 26" dia rears, I still needed 4th, to run low 12's - I was on the border where I would run only maybe .1 or .2 slower if I stayed in 3rd, but my trap speed was way lower.

    GOTTAGO New Member

    Yeah, Around 115mph with low 12s, will need 4th next time I go as will have twice the power.
  11. bRACKET

    bRACKET Do Right Dean

  12. boo5t

    boo5t Member

  13. lysergic

    lysergic PWRTRIP

    D for Drags ;)
  14. SRB-2NV


    My best time was done by leaving it in 3rd and banging on the limiter, however selecting 4th at high rpm is very difficult in my car (shit synchros + gearbox oil). She gets to the limiter a fair bit before i cross the line so by the time is gone over the line its already cut out 6-7 times. Oh well, changing the gearbox oil, got new tyres and putting an SAFC on....... we'll see what it does then.
  15. bRACKET

    bRACKET Do Right Dean

    If you put it in 1, your guaranteed to come first.

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