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  1. Jason ttz32
    Jason ttz32 FITZ
    Are you interested in selling your mats?
    1. FITZ
      Hi Jason, no sorry, ill PM you if i come across a set
      Sep 29, 2021
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  2. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams The Aussie Shed
    Yes I have several sets. $20 plus post
  3. Baron
    Baron rob260
    Re engine mounts
    EFT done yesterday
    Victor Ross
    89 Amamoor Creek Rd
    Amamoor Qld
  4. dozzza351
    dozzza351 greeni10
    yes plates should be ok to register as i transferred them into my name
  5. sbug88
    Looking for a twin turbo z32 Manuel to buy
  6. Chris Doolan
    Chris Doolan tassuperkart
    Hi Tassuperkart,
    I may be interested in buying a 300zx in Port Huon,
    Your name came up in similiar post a while back, Might you know of anyone that would a: willing b: capable, of doing a pre purchase inspection? Not looking for favours, would pay , just after something better than RACT inspection. Any assistance appreciated.
    Regards Chris
  7. Draco
    Draco Wooksta
  8. Wooksta
    I'm back!!
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  9. MagicMike
    Just thought I'd mention here, again, profile posts are NOT the same as starting a conversation with another member. One private, one not
    1. loud'n'proud
      But what is really private on the internet?
      Jun 19, 2021
  10. ZEDDUDE"ette
    ZEDDUDE"ette XPL05V
    Hi there, i have a 25th Anniversary RED ZED for sale, 1995, 88988kls all original, won 2 x trophies at Gilgandra , please make contact of you are interested
  11. ZEDDUDE"ette
    Whilst Life got in the way, I am still here.........
  12. ivan129
    Hangin in there
    UNIQUE ZED zed280zx
    Hi Can you send a S2 PTU with plug and pigtails and wiring diagram to our customer in Emersld Beach NSW.
    I will email you the details after I receive payment.

    Enail me an invoice please

    Many Thanks.
    John 0414 348000
  14. Bobby8
    Bobby8 Jinxed
    I'm trying to find out information on a guy who lived out in Baldivis way ( cant remember his forum name) he used to work on a lot of zeds including mine
    I met up with Andy a few years ago, At the time Andy said that this guy fell ill and was not involved with zeds anymore.
    can you remember his name ?
    I think his name was Chris
  15. Bobby8
    Bobby8 Jinxed
    Hello young Man long time No Chat its Bobby here with the 1990 Pearl Z

    I'm having trouble with my transmission
    It is stuck in 2nd gear in Auto mode, but I can move from 2nd to 3rd in Manual.

    Any ideas who is best person to chat with regarding fixing the fukker?
  16. BiscuitBalls
    BiscuitBalls fraaaaaa
    Hi, is the z32 still for sale? please text me back... Gavin 0403216969
  17. Jason ttz32
    Jason ttz32 TWIN TERROR
    Can you send photos of tt for sale ?
  18. Rini
    Hi anyone out there that can help me with a rear washer leak
  19. r33k
    I reek of Englishness
  20. Malcochevy
    Malcochevy Chrispy
    Thanks Chris, I have sent you some photos but loading so slow tonight I will try to send 6 more soon